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What Would Judy Do?

Maria Gunnoe opined to an e-mail list service:

"Judy would be writing letters to the editor (LTE) hand-over-fist right now, if she were still with us. In Judys memory, everyone should be writing letters right now. Cover any aspect you want; just get these letters in.

Judy was always right on this; we dont get a fair shake from the media in this state. LTE are the only way that we can keep this issue in the news."

Even though she hadnt seen this note, one OVEC volunteer took it upon herself to write to two news organizations not with a letter she was seeking to have published, but one seeking action.

Deborah Griffith had noticed the distinct lack of news coverage of Judy Bonds passing in the Parkersburg region. She contacted television and newspaper news editors there:

"An inspirational and often controversial West Virginian died on Monday, Jan. 3, in Charleston. The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and numerous other news outlets carried the story, and NPR aired a tribute to Julia "Judy" Bonds, but Ive seen no mention at all of her passing in our local media. 

"You may remember her as the woman who was assaulted by a Massey miners wife at Marsh Fork in the summer of 2009, the head of Coal River Mountain Watch, one of the standouts in the movie Coal Country, or winner of the 2003 Goldman Environmental Prize.

"Ive just learned, too, that her memorial service will be held at Tamarack on Saturday, Jan 15. People need to know this!"

No story ever ran in the Parkersburg News and Sentinel (owned by Ogden), nor was a story aired on WTAP.

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