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Hoots and Hollers Janet Keating Aug 31, 2018
Dear White-Skinned Folks: Acknowledge Privilege, Actively Engage in Anti-Racist Action
To build a truly democratic nation, we, as whites, need to go beyond just examining our individual white privilege and racism. We must act. More
Issues: Racial inequalitySocial justice
Hoots and Hollers Vivian May 18, 2018
50+ Groups Urge Tri-Caucus House Leaders to Stand Up for #NetNeutrality
50 groups sign letter to Congress to restore #netneutrality. It's essential to the work of people whose voices have traditionally been marginalized, misrepresented, and even ignored. With a free and open internet, people can bypass media gatekeepers and speak directly to one another. More
Issues: Racial inequalitySocial justice
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Nov 13, 2017
OVEC: Highlights of 30 Years of Standing Our Ground – Part Three: The Third Decade
Our 30th birthday has us reflecting on three decades of standing our ground. Here are some highlights from OVEC's third decade.  More
Issues: CoalFrackingHealthMarcellus shaleMountaintop removalPipelinesPollutionRacial inequalityRenewable energyRogersville ShaleWater
Hoots and Hollers Vivian Aug 20, 2017
Racist-in-Chief Trump Must Go. Wait, Then Pence! Prep for Worst: Heed Naomi Klein
Racist-in-Chief Trump Must Go. Of course, Trump's departure won't end racism, won't crush white supremacy. And we'll have Pence then. Yikes! Naomi Klein has great advice for prepping for next steps in Shock politics. More
Issues: Racial inequalityracismSocial justice
Action Alert Vivian Aug 18, 2017
BLM Rally Sunday; MTR Speak Out; Charlottesville, Trump and Resistance
Black Lives Matter Rally Sunday in Charleston, WV; Another Chance to Speak out on Mountaintop Removal and Human Health; Charlottesville, Trump and Resistance and more: August 2017 OVEC Action Alert. More
Issues: Mountaintop removalRacial inequalitySocial justiceWater
Hoots and Hollers Janet Keating Dec 12, 2016
Remembering Ken Hechler: Champion of the People
Ken Hechler, RIP. Union supporter, environmentalist, statesman, writer, historian, teacher, husband, father and add one more label—civil rights activist. Dear Ken, we know that you, of all people, have earned your eternal rest. Well done. You will be sorely missed. More
Issues: Black lungCoalMine safetyMountaintop removalRacial inequalitySocial justice
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Jul 11, 2016
Black Lives Matter and Plastic Bags
Why are we talking about plastic bags, rain barrels, solar rooftops…etc, when so many are continually under siege from poverty, racism and violence? More
Issues: PollutionRacial inequalitySocial justice
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Apr 27, 2016
Progressives and Liberals are the Future
The transformation that began with The Enlightenment is a fact. Amid all the chaos and confusion of daily life, through a thousand contradictory barrages, the struggle for a safer, fairer, more secure, more humane world never ceases—and the gradual tide of success seems unstoppable. More
Issues: Racial inequalitySocial justice
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Feb 10, 2016
Webinar: Flint, Environmental Racism, and the Black Church’s Environmental Heritage
The Green Faith webinar, featuring Dr. Melanie Harris, is set for 8 - 9 p.m. (Eastern) on February 18 and is titled "Flint, Environmental Racism, and the Black Church’s Environmental Heritage." Register today for this webinar – and please share this invitation with friends and colleagues. Register even if you can’t attend, and Green Faith will send you the recording link. More
Issues: PollutionRacial inequalitySocial justiceWater
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Dec 27, 2015
People’s Pastoral: Our Stories Take Us Home
From a Catholic Committee of Appalachia press release: An Appalachian Catholic social justice organization has issued a regional grassroots pastoral letter on the call to be a “church of the poor” and the transformative power of people’s stories in the work for justice. The Catholic Committee of Appalachia (CCA), based in Spencer, West Virginia, releases this […] More
Issues: CoalMountaintop removalPollutionRacial inequalitySocial justice
Hoots and Hollers Dan Dec 17, 2015
Kentucky Coal Co. Plans = Toxic Dust for West Oakland
Hey Kentucky, I’ve got good news for ya! The death of coal companies has been largely exaggerated. It turns out your coal companies are fine, they are just busy destroying Utah and Oakland now. Oh, and New Mexico and Colorado, too, just as they have destroyed the health and environment of Appalachia for decades. Now, […] More
Issues: PollutionRacial inequalitySocial justice
red panda
Action Alert Vivian Oct 22, 2015
Take a Few Moments to Comment For Streams, More
Comment for streams on SPR by Oct. 26; come out for public water on Oct. 26; take action for racial justice and get ready for the Treehuggers' Ball: An OVEC Action Alert More
Issues: Mountaintop removalPipelinesRacial inequalityWV American Water
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Oct 16, 2015
Hey WV — Take Action for Racial Justice
November 3: Take Action for Racial Justice 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Wilson Student Union WV State University Take Action for Racial Justice will be an opportunity to join a team that is working on a racial justice issue, such as reducing racial disparities in arrests in Charleston, Second Chance Employment Act + Let Me Drive, Let Me Work (both criminal justice reforms), juvenile justice reform, West Side/East End reinvestment, and racial justice dialogue and education. More
Issues: Racial inequalitySocial justice
Hoots and Hollers Dan Sep 22, 2015
West Oakland, West Virginia: Solidarity in Stopping Coal Craziness
Stop coal exports. Hopefully, folks in Oakland can build some solidarity with those fighting the dirty and dying coal industry here in Appalachia. More
Issues: Climate changeCoalEnergyHealthMountaintop removalPollutionRacial inequalitySocial justice
Action Alert Vivian Jun 30, 2015
MTR Hearing, Fracking Meeting, Call for Racial Equality: An OVEC Action Alert
Urgent Work on Dismantling Racism Continues, Hearing on MTR Permit on Coal River Mountain, July 13: Not Your Grandparent’s Oil & Gas Industry, Meeting Two More
Issues: FrackingMountaintop removalRacial inequality
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Jun 19, 2015
Call to Action for Racial Equality in WV
In response to the persisting violence against people of color in cities and towns around the country and the deep and systemic racial disparities that exist in our state, West Virginians from all race backgrounds are coming together to ensure that every person in our state has access to opportunities and is safe from violence […] More
Issues: Racial inequalitySocial justice
OVEC supports clean water
Hoots and Hollers Vivian Feb 2, 2015
On Now: NAACP Day at WV Capitol
Solar energy helps promote equality. We need just energy policies. Come out today. More
Issues: Clean electionsClimate changeCoalEnergy efficiencyRacial inequalitySocial justice
Hoots and Hollers Vivian Jan 15, 2015
Come Out for Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Huntington
In Huntington, WV, OVEC will again team up to march with the Cabell-Wayne Branch of the NAACP. We assemble at 4:30 p.m. at the 16th Street Baptist Church at Elm Street and 9th Avenue in Huntington. At 4:45 p.m. we march to the Joan C. Edwards Theater (Marshall University Campus),where starting at 5:30 p.m., events include a recitation of Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech. More
Issues: FaithRacial inequalitySocial justice
Summit on Race Matters
Hoots and Hollers Vivian Nov 10, 2014
Starting Tonight in Charleston and Live-Streamed: Summit on Race Matters in Appalachia
The Summit on Race Matters in Appalachia starts tonight in Charleston, WV and continues tomorrow. If you can’t make it in person, you can tune into live streaming — details here. Also, follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #RaceMattersWV. More
Issues: Racial inequality
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