How to add OVEC to your address book

If you have subscribed to one of OVEC’s elists, adding OVEC’s email address to your contacts will not only help insure our alerts and updates don’t land in your personal spam folder, it will help spam filters ‘learn’ that OVEC’s emails are not spam.

If you use an email provider such as Gmail or Yahoo, please open your spam folder. If you find an email from OVEC, open it and mark it as “Not spam.”

Add to your contacts to help insure you receive our emails. If you are not sure how, click below on the provider or software you use to learn how.

Note: The links below lead to a resource page provided by Nation of Change. Substitute OVEC or where you see NationofChange or in the instructions.

Is your email client or spam filter not listed?

Try adding to your Address Book or Contact list.

If messages continue to be sent to your junk folder contact your ISP or spam filter application support and ask how to whitelist OVEC’s address.

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