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Press Release OVEC Apr 9, 2019
Groups Gather for People Over Petrochem Protest and Press Conference
“It’s nuts for our state to bow down to another round of abuse from fossil fuel corporations.” More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubFracking
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Apr 8, 2019
Fire at Highlander Center Cannot Destroy the Fire for Justice in Our Hearts
While many irreplaceable documents have been lost, the heart and soul of Highlander Center beats strongly, building that movement that demands transformative justice. More
Issues: Racial inequalitySocial justice
Press Release OVEC Apr 4, 2019
Media Advisory: People Over Petrochem Protest and Press Conference
People opposed to the proposed Appalachian Storage and Trading Hub petrochemical complex will host a press conference and protest during the WV Manufacturers Association’s Marcellus Manufacturing Conference.  More
Issues: Appalachian Storage Hub
Newlsetter OVEC Apr 2, 2019
Winds of Change, Spring, 2019
Driving around on a Sunday in early February, I saw dozens of slips just in my little section of the pipeline in Putnam County, but this was definitely the worst. It makes me wonder how many there are in total between Wayne County and Moundsville. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubClean electionsMountaintop removalPipelinesPollutionWater
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Apr 2, 2019
Randi Pokladnik’s Comments to ORSANCO on Pollution Control Standards
Peer reviewed studies show that many of the chemicals released through the process of fracking and plastics production are carcinogenic, endocrine disrupting, obesogenic and become persistent in the environment. We need ORSANCO’s regs. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubPollutionWater
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Mar 25, 2019
Sad Farewell to Bill Hughes
OVEC joins with his family and friends in mourning the passing of Bill Hughes. More
Issues: FrackingPipelines
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Mar 24, 2019
PUBLIC MEETING – Natrium Fractionation Plant
Come out if you can! WVDEP will be holding a public meeting on an air permit modification for the Natrium Extraction and Fractionation Plant Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at 6:00 PM at the New Martinsville City Hall. More details here. More
Issues: Air PollutionAppalachian Storage HubDEPPetrochemicals
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Feb 6, 2019
Solastalgia Got You Down? Map Your Own Landscape!
If mountaintop removal had changed your life, help map that. Share your memories and passion about your homeplace. More
Issues: Mountaintop removal
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Feb 4, 2019
Get Your MOJO On: Call Now About the Modern Jobs Act; Support Solar Jobs!
Support HB 2589 , MOJO, the Modern Jobs Act. It's a bipartisan effort regarding solar electricity generated on former coal mines. More
Issues: CoalRenewable energyTransition economy
Action Alert OVEC Jan 15, 2019
Calling All Water Drinkers and Pro-Democracy Thinkers
Show up for the water, for democracy, for we, the people! More
Issues: Clean electionsSocial justiceWater
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Jan 12, 2019
This is What Democracy Looks Like, and You Are In It
The 2018 WV teachers' strike is a recent example of how people power works. We, the people, know how to make WV a better place to live. But we need to fix a broken system. Here's a solution. More
Issues: Clean elections
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Jan 12, 2019
Mountaineer Xpress Pipeline Work Severs Phone Lines, Blocks Roads
Pipeline construction: Your phone lines are cut, your roads are blocked, and they call the sheriff on you for standing on the public road. More
Issues: Marcellus shalePipelines
water unites us
Action Alert OVEC Jan 7, 2019
New Year’s Changes; Join Event on the 5th Anniversary of #WVWaterCrisis; More
Hope in the New Year for democracy: take action. Changes at OVEC. Event to mark the 5th anniversary of the #WVWaterCrisis. More
Issues: MCHMWater
Press Release OVEC Jan 3, 2019
Media Advisory: WATER: A sacred gift, a human right, and our stewardship role
On the eve on the fifth anniversary of the 2014 water crisis, community members are invited to gather for WATER: A sacred gift, a human right, and our stewardship role More
Issues: DEPMCHMWater
Newlsetter OVEC Dec 14, 2018
Winds of Change, Winter, 2018-2019
On the misty morning of September 8, close to the Ohio River’s shores, about 50 people gathered at Heritage Station in Huntington, WV, to rally and march through downtown to cry out for climate action. Our rally that day was one of thousands held worldwide to make a grassroots push for clean energy and sustainable communities. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubMountaintop removalPetrochemicalPollutionWV American Water
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Dec 11, 2018
Why I Support OVEC. I Hope You Will Too.
I’ve supported OVEC all these years because the tenacious group of people has enriched my life and my community. I am asking you to show your support to OVEC, too, by making your tax-deductible donation today. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubFrackingMountaintop removal
Action Alert OVEC Dec 11, 2018
Give a Holiday Gift to the Ohio River Valley: Comment Today; More Upcoming Actions
Give the gift of action! While you might be thinking of hibernation, there are still a few more actions to take before that winter nap. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubFrackingMountaintop removal
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Nov 27, 2018
This #GivingTuesday: Help Stop the Petrochemical Zombie Attack
ASH would be a grave threat to the drinking water of millions of people. Politicians dreams of locking us into a petrochemical future is flat-out nuts, especially in light of all the grave climate change studies and reports that have emerged in recent months. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubClimate changeFrackingPollution
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Nov 7, 2018
WV Environmental Council Hiring for Lobbyist Positions
The WV Environmental Council is seeking lobbying proposals for full time legislative lobbying during the 2019 regular Legislative Session, which runs from January 9 through March 9, 2019. More
Issues: Aboveground storage tanksAppalachian Storage HubFrackingMountaintop removalTransition economy
Action Alert OVEC Nov 5, 2018
The Climate is Ripe for Change: Vote Tomorrow. Come Out Tonight. Support Minden. Act.
Vote: If you haven't voted already, please get thee to the polls on November 6. And every Monday in November, come find out about the Devil We Know. And be sure to make comments for Minden by Nov. 13. More
Issues: Climate changePollutionSocial justiceWater
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