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Action Alert OVEC Feb 14, 2022
A Final Note from OVEC
With OVEC dissolved, we hope you will amp up your support of other West Virginia groups if you haven't done so already. Thanks for all you've done with OVEC over the years! More
Issues: Clean electionsClimate changeMountaintop removalSocial justice
Link to OVEC's final letter to members
Newsletter OVEC Feb 14, 2022
Final Newsletter
We write to inform you that after 34 years dedicated to protecting the people and environment of West Virginia and the surrounding region, OVEC has made the decision to close its doors. We hope you will join us in reflecting on our decades of community activism and take pride in how you helped make little OVEC a big force for positive change in our region. More
Issues: CoalMountaintop removalPollutionRacial inequalityRenewable energy
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Jan 28, 2022
A Note of Gratitude for OVEC from Allen Johnson
The legacy of OVEC will continue positive ripples for the good in Appalachian and elsewhere for generations to come. More
Issues: Mountaintop removal
OVEC's special collection library
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Nov 18, 2021
OVEC Closing Doors
As OVEC closes our doors, it is our fervent hope is that existing and new groups will continue to build even more power to help improve the outlook for our region. More
Issues: Climate changeFrackingMountaintop removal
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Nov 4, 2021
OVEC Co-Directors Tonya Adkins and Vivian Stockman Retiring
We are grateful for the opportunity to have been part of OVEC! More
Issues: FrackingMountaintop removal
Press Release OVEC Oct 28, 2021
Press Release: Day of Prayer for Senator Joe Manchin on All Saints Day, November 1, 2021
Senator Manchin is in an unprecedented situation in which his vote will affect the lives of generations to come. We pray that he will use that vote for the common good of all humanity. More
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Oct 28, 2021
Prayer for Senator Manchin During All Saints Day, November 1, 2021
We ask that you instill in Senator Manchin and other leaders a sense of urgency to move quickly with meaningful action providing hope to our generations to come. More
Issues: Climate changeFaith
Action Alert OVEC Oct 28, 2021
Climate Actions: Let Manchin Know WV Cares About Climate Change
Take action to let Senator Manchin know you care about the climate! More
Issues: Climate changeRenewable energy
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Oct 26, 2021
October 27: Coal Community Workgroup Listening Session in Beckley 
If you are in or near Beckley on October 27, you can take advantage of this opportunity to meet directly with state legislators on this topic. More
Issues: CoalMountaintop removalRenewable energyTransition economy
John Amos coal-fired power plantPlant
Action Alert OVEC Sep 16, 2021
Speak with DEP and Coming Up: Speak Out, Listen, Learn
Tonight talk with DEP, tomorrow register to speak up on redistricting, learn about the folly of carbon capture and sequestration, and more... More
Issues: Clean electionsClimate changePetrochemicals
Action Alert OVEC Sep 1, 2021
Do You Know Someone Affected by Fracking?
The Ohio Health Project, a program sponsored by Faith Communities Together for a Sustainable Future (FaCT) Ohio, has developed a new resource for those whose lives have been disrupted by shale gas development called Sharing-Support Circles. More
Issues: FrackingHealth
Newsletter OVEC Aug 25, 2021
Winds of Change, Summer 2021
Scientists are observing changes in the Earth’s climate (Ed. note: As are all of us!) in every region and across the whole climate system, according to the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report released on August 9. More
Action Alert OVEC Jul 23, 2021
You’re Invited: WV For the People
Will you join your community at a rally near you in support of sweeping pro-democracy legislation?  More
Issues: Clean electionsPro DemocracyRacial inequality
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Jul 9, 2021
Union Election Results!
The NLRB counted votes today; Results: The majority of OVEC’s non-supervisory employees voted to form an OVEC Union.  More
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Jun 30, 2021
By Chuck Nelson: Communities Must Organize to Win
Rest in power Chuck Nelson. Here are some of his pointers on organizing he shared in 2009. More
Issues: Pro Democracy
Action Alert OVEC Jun 30, 2021
Take Action Now on New Chemical Disaster Rule
Here's an easy way to submit written comments to EPA demanding a new Chemical Disaster Rule that ends the dangerous cycle of chemical disasters in our communities. More
Issues: PetrochemicalsPollution
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Jun 25, 2021
Rest in Power Chuck Nelson
Rest in power Chuck Nelson. More
Issues: Mountaintop removal
Action Alert OVEC Jun 24, 2021
Today in Charleston: Black Voters Matter #FreedomRide2021
Join the Black Voters Matter #FreedomRide2021 as it comes to Charleston, WV today. More
Issues: Clean electionsPro Democracy
Action Alert OVEC Jun 14, 2021
Register Today to Speak to EPA on Chemical Plant Risks
Deadline to pre-register for the first EPA listening session on how you and your community can help EPA the Risk Management Plan is today, June 14. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubPetrochemicals
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Jun 14, 2021
Talking to EPA on Chemical Plant Safety and Your Community
What can you say to EPA on the chemical rick management rule? Here are tips and background information. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubPetrochemicals
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