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Contact OVEC’s media liaison Vivian Stockman at vivian@ohvec.org or 304-553-1962. 

OVEC wants to help reporters get the facts on the environmental issues we address.  Our primary issues include:

  • Mountaintop removal/valley fill strip mining, coal waste impoundments, coal slurry injection, energy policy, coal-fired power plant pollution, and a host of other coal-related issues
  • Clean Elections (campaign finance reform)
  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Deep shale extraction and pipelines
  • Cemetery protection/cultural heritage

We can help reporters gather background information. To fully understand the scope of mountaintop removal, we recommend a flyover, which can often be arranged through SouthWings. OVEC can also arrange for ground tours to see mountaintop removal and meet impacted residents.

We can provide contact information for activists, lawyers, scientists, regulators, industry representatives, legislators and interesting individuals who are directly affected by environmental problems.

OVEC staff and volunteers have worked with news media ranging from local newspapers such as the Charleston Gazette through national and international media including National Geographic, NPR, 60 Minutes, Nightline, CNN and the BBC.

We’ve extensively helped filmmakers and authors, including the people who created the documentaries Burning the Future, The Last Mountain and several more. We provided initial contacts for interviews, background information, guided tours and photos that helped in the creation of the books Coal River, Plundering Appalachia and many more.

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