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Action Alert OVEC Jul 23, 2021
You’re Invited: WV For the People
Will you join your community at a rally near you in support of sweeping pro-democracy legislation?  More
Issues: Clean electionsPro DemocracyRacial inequality
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Jun 30, 2021
By Chuck Nelson: Communities Must Organize to Win
Rest in power Chuck Nelson. Here are some of his pointers on organizing he shared in 2009. More
Issues: Pro Democracy
Action Alert OVEC Jun 24, 2021
Today in Charleston: Black Voters Matter #FreedomRide2021
Join the Black Voters Matter #FreedomRide2021 as it comes to Charleston, WV today. More
Issues: Clean electionsPro Democracy
Hoots and Hollers OVEC May 12, 2021
May Flowers (and Actions)
Along with some action steps, here's a little spring joy: some photos of what's growing in staffers' yards and terrariums for you to enjoy. More
Issues: Pro Democracy
Hoots and Hollers Mary Wildfire Feb 28, 2021
The Problem of Power
There’s a near perfect, inverse correlation between wisdom and power. Wise people give regard to future generations and learn from the past, seeing beyond the self. Why are these people not the ones in power? More
Issues: Pro DemocracySocial justice
Press Release OVEC Feb 25, 2021
People’s Public Hearing: HB 2598
After several public interest groups were denied their requests for the usual public hearing procedure in the House regarding a bill to amend the Aboveground Storage Tank Act, they’ve banded together to hold their own Public Hearing so the voice of citizens can be heard on critical issues that affect them, their families and communities. More
Issues: Aboveground storage tanksPro DemocracyWV Legislature
Action Alert OVEC Jan 28, 2021
Defend Our Democracy: WVCCE
WVCCE has been the recipient of a match grant until January 31, so join us in preserving West Virginia’s democracy and keeping Charleston accountable. More
Issues: Clean electionsPro DemocracyWV Legislature
logo of House Natural Resource Committee
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Jan 22, 2021
ICYMI: Congressional Committee’s Environmental Justice Now Tour: Appalachia
Hear hear. Hear us here! OVEC organizer Alex Cole joins other Appalachians speaking to the House Natural Resource Committee on the need for Environmental Justice Now. More
Issues: Mountaintop removalPetrochemicalsPollutionPro Democracy
Action Alert OVEC Jan 7, 2021
January Jump into Action
It's nice to have 2020 behind us, but there's so much more to be done. Here are some quick and easy action to help us keep those resolutions. More
Issues: Climate changePro DemocracyWater
Cover of the Winter 20-21 WOC
Newsletter OVEC Dec 22, 2020
Winds of Change, Winter 2020
OVEC volunteer Dr. Randi Pokladnik and former Vice President Al Gore talk about petrochemicals and climate, and much more in our Winter 20-21 newsletter. More
Issues: Climate changeMountaintop removalPetrochemicalsPro Democracy
Hoots and Hollers Brendan Muckian-Bates Dec 11, 2020
A History of Resistance
The fight for justice has never been won at the ballot box alone. Resistance against the status quo is not uncommon in Appalachia; from the Mine Wars to the Red for Ed strikes, West Virginia has been center stage in pivotal events in this region. More
Issues: Clean electionsCoalFair courtsPro DemocracySocial justice
Action Alert OVEC Nov 12, 2020
Tonight: Let’s Talk Environmental Priorities at WVEC’s Annual Meeting
Join OVEC as we attend the West Virginia Environmental Council's virtual annual meeting tonight, Thursday, Nov. 12, from 6-8 p.m. It's free to attend, but registration is required. More
Issues: Pro DemocracyWV Legislature
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Nov 3, 2020
An Election Survival Guide
Remember for the sake of our nation that every vote must be counted, and we must move forward with healing in mind. More
Issues: Clean electionsFair courtsPro Democracy
Newsletter OVEC Nov 2, 2020
Winds of Change, Fall 2020
OVEC has joined a new regional coalition called ReImagine Appalachia to help design a policy blueprint that propels the region towards a sustainable future. More
Issues: Clean electionsFair courtsPro DemocracyTransition economy
Action Alert OVEC Oct 5, 2020
Will You Take Action This Autumn?
It's fall, y'all! The swelter of summer has come and gone, but easy ways to take action are here to stay. More
Issues: PipelinesPollutionPro Democracy
Action Alert OVEC Jun 8, 2020
Time of Transformation: June 2020
"Silence will surely damn us all." Times of transformation include taking to the streets, looking within, getting uncomfortable, and, yup, voting. More
Issues: Pro DemocracyRacial inequalitySocial justice
Action Alert OVEC May 18, 2020
You May Still Be Home, But You Can Stay Active
Register to Vote by May 19. Speak Up for the Water! Learn About Plastics from A to Z. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubPetrochemicalsPro DemocracySocial justiceWater
Action Alert OVEC May 9, 2020
May Online Actions for Some Semblance of Social Interaction Satisfaction
Join OVEC for a Facebook Live event on Monday; plus other actions you can take online, including taking part in the 2020 Census. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubFair courtsPetrochemicalsPro DemocracySocial justice
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Apr 28, 2020
This Election is Vital! Know the Supreme Court Candidates and #GoVoteWV
WV will elect three justices to the state Supreme Court in this upcoming primary election. Know the candidates! See wvcourtelections.org to learn more about this election and the judicial candidates. Help voters inform themselves; spread the word. More
Issues: Clean electionsFair courtsPro Democracy
Newsletter OVEC Apr 22, 2020
Winds of Change, Spring 2020
In early March, 26 OVEC volunteers, board, staff members, and supporters gathered at Cedar Lakes in Ripley for a weekend meeting devoted to determining how to kick ASH. If built, the proposed Appalachian Storage Hub (ASH) would be a colossal petrochemical complex for manufacturing primarily single-use plastics, as well as other petroleum byproducts, in the Ohio River Valley region. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubClean electionsFair courtsPollutionPro Democracy
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