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GalleryHoots and HollersPipeline Gallery Vivian Feb 22, 2018
Rover Topple Over: Pipeline Construction in Doddridge County, WV
Rover Pipeline construction: A track hoe topples a hillside in Doddridge County. The operator is apparently unhurt, but the whole scene is deeply troubling. More
Issues: FrackingPipelines
Deep Shale GalleryGalleryHoots and Hollers Vivian Feb 14, 2018
Antero “Clearwater” Facility Clearly a Blight on Community
We checked out was the Antero "Clearwater" facility. It's permitted to sprawl over nearly 500 acres in both Doddridge and Ritchie Counties. More
Issues: FrackingMarcellus ShalePollution
Deep Shale GalleryGalleryHoots and Hollers Vivian Jun 8, 2017
WV Frack Fields Flyover, Part 3: #Fracking Activity and the Fate of Mobley, Wetzel County, WV
The community of Mobley in Wetzel County is just about obliterated, thanks to assorted fracking-related activities. More
Issues: FrackingHealthMarcellus ShalePipelinesPollution
Deep Shale GalleryGalleryHoots and HollersPipeline Gallery Vivian Jun 7, 2017
WV Frack Fields Flyover, Part 2: Well Pads and Holding Ponds
Continuing our Marcellus Shale frack fields flyover of Doddridge, Wetzel and Marshall Counties... More
Issues: FrackingHealthMarcellus ShalePollution
Deep Shale GalleryHoots and Hollers Bill Hughes Jan 28, 2017
An Earnest Search for Predictability in These Troubled Political Times: Silica
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Issues: FrackingHealth
Deep Shale GalleryHoots and Hollers Bill Hughes Jan 18, 2017
The Fracking Re-Invasion of Wetzel County
Wetzel County roads are narrow, with sharp bends and steep hills. Congestion from heavy fracking-related trucks can be big trouble. More
Issues: FrackingMarcellus Shale
Deep Shale GalleryGalleryHoots and Hollers Bill Hughes Jan 8, 2017
Happy New Year from O & G: #Fracking-Related Traffic Woes in Wetzel
Big #fracking trucks blocking roads in nasty weather and pummeling infrastructure in all weather. Just another day in the Wetzel County gas fields. More
Issues: FrackingMarcellus ShalePollution
Hoots and HollersPipeline Gallery OVEC Nov 20, 2016
Multiple Fracked Gas Pipelines Planned to Run Near or Cross Under Ohio River
Of all the pipelines planned for the Huntington area, Columbia’s proposed Leach Xpress pipeline is farthest along in the approval process. It would originate near the Ohio/Pennsylvania border, pass through Ohio’s fracking region, and then go under the Ohio River near the Camden Amusement Park, near Huntington, WV. More
Issues: Climate changeMarcellus ShalePipelinesRogersville Shale
Pipeline Gallery Vivian Oct 20, 2015
Stonewall Gathering Pipeline Construction in Lewis County
For more than a year, award winning filmmaker and photographer Keely Kernan has been focusing her lenses on the human impacts of mountaintop removal and deep shale oil and gas extraction here in West Virginia. Keely shared these photos of the construction Stonewall Gathering Pipeline in Lewis County. More
Issues: FrackingMarcellus ShalePipelines
Deep Shale Gallery Bill Hughes Oct 18, 2015
Out by the Mailbox: Big Rig Staging Area
Recently SWN bought out CHK and now it has begun to ramp up its activity on a number of existing fracking well pads. For me personally that means daily viewing of all their trucks in their parking lot right behind my mail box down at the paved road. More
Issues: Marcellus ShalePollution
Pipeline Gallery OVEC Oct 18, 2015
Pipelines Pummel Property, Land, Water, Democracy
Photos show pipeline pummeling land and water. Letter details problems. Group takes action! More
Issues: Marcellus ShalePipelinesPollution
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