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OVEC Members

Are you interested in cultivating a new future for West Virginia? Are you fed up with our state being poisoned, mocked and forgotten? Are you inspired by the beauty of the hills, the kindness of the people and the richness of the states history? If so, help out! OVEC members work on projects that promote public health, environmental protection and social justice. We need you at public hearings, rallies and OVEC-sponsored gatherings. We need help recruiting new OVEC members to build our citizen power.

OVEC can arrange for training in many aspects of our work panel discussions, lobbying, permit reading, letter writing, water testing, nonviolence, basic computer training and much more. Contact us at 304-522-0246 if you are interested in trainings.

About OVEC

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Our Offices

The “Ohio Valley” in our name refers to the Ohio River Valley. Our main office is in Huntington, W. Va. We work regionally.

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Get Involved Take Action

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Get Involved

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Conduct Internet research of new potential foundations to approach for grant funding. Contact Tonya at 304-522-0246 or
  • Help stuff and label envelopes for mailings (occasional). Help move things around the office, (requires ability to carry sometimes heavy objects up and down stairs). Contact Maryanne at 304-522-0246 or
  • Support the Membership Committee, host a house party for OVEC or help with logistics for special events; Contact Robin at 304-840-4877 oror
  • Help register and protect your family cemetery and small community cemeteries. For information on cemetery preservation, Contact Robin at 304-840-4877 or
  • Take one of OVECs media trainings and then step forward to be a spokesperson for your community. Your stories about mountaintop removal, deep shale oil and gas activities and other environmental problems are vital, and the media is essential to getting your story out. Contact Vivian at 304-522-0246 or
  • Help do simple data entries, of new member information, etc. Contact Robin Blakeman: .
  • Proofread, edit, and write newsletter articles. Contact Vivian at 304-360-1979 or
  • Write letters to the editor and opinion columns, and comment online; Contact Vivian at 304-360-1979 or
  • Develop YouTube videos, edit photos and help with other visual media work. Contact Vivian at 304-360-1979 or
  • Attend scheduled West Virginia Citizens for Clean Elections coalition meetings. Learn more and help work on issues and in this, and other state-wide coalitions for positive regulatory and legislative change. Contact Vivian at 304-360-1979 or

Get Involved Join and Donate

You are the engine of OVECs citizen power. Because of active members like you, politicians and others respond to our demands for clean air, water and land.

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Get Informed

Think about the power of educating yourself and others. Talk to your neighbor; write a letter to the editor; read a book or watch a film on the issues we work on.

Read the online version of Winds of Change, our newsletter. Stay up-to-date about OVECs work and share this with your family and friends.

Read books and watch films that feature OVEC’s work. See this page and this page for a few of the books and films available.

A major strength of OVEC is getting the word out about our issues.

Explore our website. There’s much more including photos and daily news updates. But as you know, OVEC is so much more than just a website. There are so many ways you can get involved to help make a difference.

Thanks so much for joining OVEC. See you at the next meeting or the next rally.

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