Winds of Change, Winter 2020

Notes on using the embedded pdf reader, downloading, and viewing newsletters with a table of contents

Feb 14 2022  Action Alert
A Final Note from OVEC
Link to OVEC's final letter to membersFeb 14 2022  Newsletter
Final Newsletter
Jan 28 2022  Hoots and Hollers
A Note of Gratitude for OVEC from Allen Johnson
OVEC's special collection libraryNov 18 2021  Hoots and Hollers
OVEC Closing Doors

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  1. Is the OVEC newsletter down-loadable? I do notcare to read it on-line, but I do wish to read a downloadable pdf copy.

    1. Yes, there’s a download icon in the control bars at the top and bottom of the online view of the pdf.

      1. I apologize if I seem a bit behind the times, but I do to know what is meant by “control bars”. I am used to seeing a down-load icon at the bottom of a pdf page, but do not see such a thing on the OVEC mailing. Please be more specific or descriptive concerning what to look for. Thanks.

        1. Paul, I have also e-mailed you a copy of the pdf.

  2. Do you see a grey bar at the top of the pdf? It shows you the page number you are on, as well allows you to zoom in and out. There’s also an icon of an down-pointing arrow. Click that, and a new window opens in your pdf reader–you can right click the image and choose “save as” to start the download button or find the down-facing arrow on this page and start the download by clicking. What you see will vary depending on the browser and pdf reader you are using.

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