Mountaintop Removal Articles

Health Study Articles on the Effects of Coal Mining (2007-present)

Le pays où l’on décapite la montagne  (Dec. 3, 2012)

Report: US Women & Climate Justice Tribunals, Spring 2012 (June 18, 2012)

Ken Hechler’s, Statement   (Feb. 27, 2008 public hearing)

The Impact of Coal on Our Lives  (Jan. 19, 2010)

Coal to Liquid Facts  (Aug. 9, 2007)

Appalachian Coalfield Delegation Report  (May 9, 2007)

Appalachias Last Stand  (Oct., 2006)

The Myths of Restoration Ecology  (Sept. 17, 2006)

Public Health Report: Draft version – Exposure to Mercury in West Virginia (July 2006)

OVEC’s Mountain Top Removal Booklet  (5/16/06)

Health Survey Summary of Marsh Fork Elementary School Students Sundial, West Virginia  (11/18/05)

Scalped for Coal (10/11/05)

‘Clean coal’ cash better spent on solar research  (9/12/05)

Historic status recommended for Blair Mountain  (5/7/05)

Rape of the Earth! Decapitated mountains: monuments to nation’s wasteful fuel consumption  (5/1/05)

Devastating view from the mountaintop: Strip-mining method wrecks land, lives of its people  (5/1/05)

Ky. Authors’ Statement on Mountaintop Removal (4/22/05)

Clean coal doesnt do much to protect environment  (3/18/05)

WV Power  (3/12/05)

Raising the Bar: Checking in on Mountain Justice Summer  (3/10/04)

Mountain Defender; With fierce faith, Julia Bonds works to save the land and people of West Virgina.  (2/24/05)

Bush plan streamlines strip mine permits  (2/11/05)

A scene of sadness  (2/10/05)

‘Reclamation’ is not at all what it seems  (2/9/05)

Environmentalists Sue Feds to Stop Mining Companies from Dumping Mountain Tops into Valleys  (1/28/05)

They flattened this mountaintop to find coal – and created a wasteland; A ravaged US state is fighting back against mining bosses who backed Bush, Paul Harris reports in Charleston, West Virginia  (1/16/05)

Raise coal severance tax, E. Ky.’s share  (1/10/05)

Mining Town Rises in Anger After Boy Is Killed by Boulder, Va. Residents Cite Disregard for Safety  (1/6/05)

Ecologist leads effort to rescue plants on mining, logging sites  (9/5/04)

Beyond Mercury: Why the Bush Administration plan means more arsenic, lead, dioxin, and other toxic air pollution  (8/04)

Excerpts of State & Local Government Comments Criticizing U.S. EPAs Proposal to NOT Regulate Utility Air Toxics Other Than Mercury  (8/04)

Appalachia Is Paying Price for White House Rule Change  (8/17/04)

Friends in the White House Come to Coal’s Aid   (8/9/2004)

Gutting FOIA: The Public Has A Right to Know How Decisions Are Made  (7/25/04)

Using Documents to Report on Mountaintop Mining; When coal industry officials and business leaders complain about coverage, the only way to counter such pressures is with good, solid reporting.  (pdf)  (7/15/04)

Residents oppose mountaintop removal, poll showsPoll shows most oppose mountaintop removal   (7/14/04)

New York Times: Federal Judge Rejects Process for Approval of Mining  (7/10/04)

Researchers Accuse Bush of Manipulating Science  –  Scientists Say White House Questioned Their Politics  (7/10/04)

UCS on Bush administration’s misuse of science:Leveling a Mountain of Research on Mountaintop Removal Strip Mining  (7/10/04)

Load of scandal: Kentucky shouldn’t let up on overweight coal trucks  (7/10/04)

U.S. judge curtails valley fills: Environmentalists see big win in fight against mountaintop removal  (7/9/04)  PDF of the ruling

Ruling likely to slow down permits; Mining advocates, foes debate impact of judge’s decision  (7/9/04)    PDF of the ruling

Oppose Effort By the Bush Administration to Blow Up Mountains and Destroy Streams in Appalachia  (3/28/04)

Buffer Zone Talking Points  (3/25/04) 

Official worries about fill stability  (1/16/04)

Graffiti’s ‘Eer of the year 2003 : Jack Spadaro  (1/04)

Comments on the Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement on Mountaintop Removal Mining/Valley Fill Activities in Appalachia (1/12/04)

OVEC’s Dec. 2003 Winds of Change Newsletter:
OVEC’s Win in Clean Water Act Case Has Nationwide and MTR Permit Implications
Jack Spadaro’s Story: Work for MSHA, Tell the Truth, Get Fired
Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Arouses Passionate Comments During Comment Period
Flat Land, or Flat Out Lie?
On the Road to Change
Massey Coal Ordered to Monitor for Mercury, Other Toxics
Corps Idea of “Minimal Impact” Challenged in Court
Your EIS Comments – Big Brother at OSM Is Watching Us!
WV Supreme Court Agrees to Hear OVEC Member’s Case Against Arch Coal

EIS Citizens Speak Anon(PDF, 12/7/2003)

EIS–A Scam and A Shame   (PDF, 7/14/2003)

Appalachian wilderness under threat from mining  (4/9/2003)

Calling Coal An Environmentally Attractive Fuel Source, World Bank Arm Votes to Finance Massive Coal Mine in China  — Click here for background report  (3/31/3003)

Annual Evaluation Summary Report for the Regulatory and Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Programs Administered by the State of WEST VIRGINIA for Evaluation Year 2002 October 1, 2001 to September 30, 2002  (Feb. 2002)

Mine rules need time, OSM says  (2/11/2003)

Fourth Circuit Court’s January 29 decision on valley fills (pdf format)  (1/29/03)

Strip mine critics plan national campaign  (1/19/2003)

Economic value of ecosystems explained in a letter to Hill & Associates, Inc. (12/18/02)

Regulator’s Motto: If You Don’t Do It Right, It Doesn’t Take As Long  (11/02)

Norton Trys to Use Enviros as Poster Children at Sham Celebration  (11/02)

WV May Tell Coalfields: If You Don’t Like It, Move!  (11/02)

The People Win Round 1 in Coal Truck Weight Battle  (11/02)

Legacy of MTR – ANOTHER Round of Flooding  (11/02)

Life Near a Massey Mine is No Picnic  (11/2002)

A Risk to Our Energy Future  (10/16/2002)

Mountaintop Removal Fact Sheet (available in html and PDF) (9/8/2002)

NOW With Bill Moyers report: “The Cost of Coal”  (8/2/2002)

State groups nix meeting with DOI head on 25th anniversary of federal mining law: Learn the Truth about Norton’s Offer to Enviros  (7/31/ 2002)

House Vote On Coal Truck Weight Amendment (July 17,2002)

A Citizen’s Letter to WV Delgates Jon Amores and Joe Smith July 18, 2002

And like a bad neighbor, Massey is there!  June, 2002

Backstreet Boy Spotlights Mountain Massacre  June 6, 2002

Politics and the Environmental Impact Statement on MTR – It’s Not Pretty  June, 2002

Bush to Appalachia: “Gee, I Wish I Had the Time to Care”  June, 2002

Coalfield Resident’s Letter To President Bush  May 23, 2002

Valley fills, sludge spills, flood chills and judge thrills, by Vivian Stockman, OVEC, May 14, 2002

EPA rule allows mining firms to dump waste in rivers  May 6, 2002

MTR Smothering Vital Headwater Stream Systems  April 25, 2002

Razing Appalachia by Peter Slavin, LA TImes, May 5, 2002

New Director of the Federal Office of Surface Mining Meets In Charleston With Several Environmental and Coalfield Citizen Groups.  April 15, 2002

Granny D. Speaks on Earth Day April 19, 2002

Bad Environments – Comment from The New Yorker

Earth Crash Documenting the Collapse of a Dying Planet May 3, 2001

Mountaintop removal forests’ return could take centuries, federal study says Wise helped block document release May 3,2001

Clean Water Network’s Consensus Position Regarding the Administration’s Proposal to Change the Definition of “Fill Material” 

Mountain Madness  — Audubon Magazine  January 5, 2001

Environmentalists Warn Clinton of Reversal on Strip Mining  April 13, 2000

Mountaintop Removal Pits Miners vs. Townspeople — The Progressive Populist  January, 1999

Razing Appalachia — Mother Jones Magazine  January, 1999


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