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OVEC (the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition) formed in 1987 to stop a toxic waste dump/incinerator proposed for a low-income community near Huntington, WV. We won that campaign. By supporting organized voices and empowered communities, we’ve been winning environmental and social justice campaigns ever since. Our members and volunteers are crucial to our work. Join OVEC!

Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Sep 23
Dying of Dioxin
The possible build-up of a petrochemical hub in the Ohio River Valley might lead to even more dioxin exposures for local residents. More
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Sep 21
Fact Sheet: Carbon Capture and Storage and Carbon Capture and Utilization
CCS is no false solution to slowing climate change. Investing in renewable energy is a better option for the environment and human health. More
John Amos coal-fired power plantPlant
Action Alert OVEC Sep 16
Tonight Speak with DEP and Coming Up: Speak Out, Listen, Learn
Tonight talk with DEP, tomorrow register to speak up on redistricting, learn about the folly of carbon capture and sequestration, and more... More
Action Alert OVEC Sep 1
Do You Know Someone Affected by Fracking?
The Ohio Health Project, a program sponsored by Faith Communities Together for a Sustainable Future (FaCT) Ohio, has developed a new resource for those whose lives have been disrupted by shale gas development called Sharing-Support Circles. More
Newsletter OVEC Aug 25
Winds of Change, Summer 2021
Scientists are observing changes in the Earth’s climate (Ed. note: As are all of us!) in every region and across the whole climate system, according to the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report released on August 9. More
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Aug 25
The Myth of Carbon Capture Technology
CCS cannot address the climate crisis. It is being used to evade investing in proven technologies like solar and wind energy and energy efficiency. More
canned goods
Hoots and Hollers Mary Wildfire Aug 18
Using Mixed Miscellaneous Crops-Blog 65 in a Gardening Series
Her are some ideas about ways to preserve your harvest. More
Hoots and Hollers Mary Wildfire Aug 12
What You Don’t Grow Yourself-Blog 63 in a Gardening Series
Didn't grow that? Visit your local farmers market to find it. More
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Aug 9
The Hand that Rocks the Cradle Can Save the World
Vandana Shiva has said, “We are either going to have a future where women lead the way to make peace with the Earth or we are not going to have a human future at all.” More
drawing of potato
Hoots and Hollers Mary Wildfire Aug 5
Potatoes-Blog 62 in a Gardening Series
Potatoes: plant 'em. But know what to do and what to watch for... More
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Hoots and Hollers Mary Wildfire Feb 28, 2021
The Problem of Power
There’s a near perfect, inverse correlation between wisdom and power. Wise people give regard to future generations and learn from the past, seeing beyond the self. Why are these people not the ones in power? More
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Feb 22, 2021
The Truth About Polystyrene
Given the toxicity of polystyrene from cradle to grave, isn’t it time to stop packaging our foods and beverages in this polymer? More
Hoots and Hollers Janet Keating Mar 2, 2021
The Social Dilemma: You Are the Product
Your actions on social media allow AI to learn what triggers your response. Social media can sow discord and misinformation. There may been benefits. And there are existential threats. More