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OVEC (the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition) formed in 1987 to stop a toxic waste dump/incinerator proposed for a low-income community near Huntington, WV. We won that campaign. By supporting organized voices and empowered communities, we’ve been winning environmental and social justice campaigns ever since. Our members and volunteers are crucial to our work. Join OVEC!

Hoots and Hollers OVEC May 5
OVEC Employees Seek Unionization
A Certification Petition has been filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in order to form a union at OVEC. More
Hoots and Hollers OVEC May 4
OVEC is Hiring: Administrative Director
OVEC is hiring an administrative director to oversee financial and operational activities for this small nonprofit group focused on defending our water, air, climate, and democracy. More
Action Alert OVEC May 3
Tell DEP to DENY WV Methanol Permit!
A new methanol facility proposed in Pleasants County threatens the air quality of thousands of nearby Ohio Valley residents. More
Newsletter OVEC May 3
Winds of Change, Spring 2021
During the 2021 West Virginia Legislative Session, special interests managed to reintroduce a bill to exempt oil and gas tanks from the Aboveground Storage Tank Act. Read more about it and much more in the Spring 2021 issue of Winds of Change. More
Hoots and Hollers Janet Keating Apr 22
Gratitude on Earth Day
A tribute to fearless fighters: please know how deeply grateful I am to have ever shared your path. More
Press Release OVEC Apr 22
Regional Campaign Calls on Grocers to Find Alternatives to Single-Use Plastic
Regional organizations call on local grocers to reduce their reliance on single-use plastic packaging in their stores and move towards sustainable alternatives. More
Louise Dunlap
Hoots and Hollers Janet Keating Apr 21
Bidding Farewell to People’s Champion Louise Dunlap
We are saddened to learn of the death of Louise Dunlap, a quietly effective, dedicated advocate and unsung hero for communities where coal is mined. More
Action Alert OVEC Apr 15
Action-Packed April
Earth Week is coming up. If you live in the Huntington area, we’ve got some hands-on activities you can join in to show Mama Earth your love. Plus, some online actions. More
kernan Stonewall Gathering Pipeline 4
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Apr 11
Mr. President: Senator Manchin Does Not Speak for Us On Pipelines
We need to correct the impression that all of West Virginia supports a fossil fuel agenda, and lend support to those in Washington trying to move to a post-carbon future.  More
Hoots and Hollers Mary Wildfire Apr 11
Asexual Plant Propagation-Blog 46 in a Gardening Series
A blog in which we focus on ways humans intervene to propagate plants without breeding. More
Action Alert OVEC Apr 9
Fight For Your Right (To Protest)
The Ohio legislature recently introduced a host of bills that opponents say threaten Ohioans’ right to free speech. Meet at 11 in Huntington to to take part in a day of action. More
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Hoots and Hollers Mary Wildfire Feb 28, 2021
The Problem of Power
There’s a near perfect, inverse correlation between wisdom and power. Wise people give regard to future generations and learn from the past, seeing beyond the self. Why are these people not the ones in power? More
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Feb 22, 2021
The Truth About Polystyrene
Given the toxicity of polystyrene from cradle to grave, isn’t it time to stop packaging our foods and beverages in this polymer? More
Hoots and Hollers Janet Keating Mar 2, 2021
The Social Dilemma: You Are the Product
Your actions on social media allow AI to learn what triggers your response. Social media can sow discord and misinformation. There may been benefits. And there are existential threats. More