Our Work: Issues and Programs


Defend Our Water: Much of OVEC’s work revolves around protecting water, whether the focus is on coal or oil- and gas-related pollution, or on educating the public and the WV State Legislature.

Deep Shale Oil & Gas, Pipelines, Appalachian Gas Storage Hub/Petrochemical Complex: To protect our air, land, water, and communities from the adverse effects of deep shale oil and gas drilling (fracking) activities, OVEC works with individuals, allied organizations, attorneys, and the media.

Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining: To protect human health, communities, streams, and forests from mountaintop removal coal mining, we organize, educate, and litigate. We work with with regional and national allies to overcome the coal industry’s legacy of pollution and impoverished communities.

Clean Elections: Clean Elections. Public campaign funding helps decrease the influence of special interests’ money in WV politics and promotes greater citizen participation in our democracy. With the passage of public campaign funding for State Supreme Court elections, we made history. Next target: legislative campaigns!

Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Economic Transition: OVEC promotes increased energy efficiency through legislation, and by working with homeowners, faith communities, businesses and others. We also promote locally owned renewable energy,essential for the transition to a sustainable economy in Central Appalachia.

Climate Change: AKA Global Warming: Much of OVEC’s work is about addressing climate change by curbing pollution from fossil fuels. OVEC collaborates with the Civil Society Institute and a variety of faith and other groups to promote a cleaner, safer energy future for all.

Some of Our Older Issues and Programs

Local Food and Youth: To promote healthy eating and the benefits of local food, OVEC works with partners on a gardening and cooking project with the Huntington Boys and Girls Club.

Sludge Safety Work: To provide access to clean water and protect human health from underground coal sludge injection and sludge dams, OVEC founded the collaborative a Sludge Safety effort. In 2008, we won an ongoing moratorium on new sludge injection permits.

Cemetery Protection: OVEC’s work on mountaintop removal coal mining and deep shale gas issues can involve working to protect family cemeteries.


Overweight Coal Trucks

Explore our original website, our history and successes page and our newsletter archives to learn about other issues we’ve tackled since we formed in 1987.


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