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take ACTION! How to File a Blasting Complaint:

If you are concerned about the impacts of blasting on your property, water supply, health or safety, you have a right to speak up for your quality of life and protect your home and community.

Quick Tips

M Keep a log of all the blasts: time, date and all details, including health effects, what the dust cloud looks like and what happened inside your home. If you can take video or photos, do.

M Each time you feel a blast, mail in a blast report and call the DEP. Call DEPs chief of the Office of Blasting and Explosive Dave Vande Linde at (304) 926-0464. Ask for a written response from DEP.

M Make sure your neighbors are doing the same thing.

What Do I Put in a Blasting Complaint?

M Who you are: Your name, mailing address and phone number.

M Where you are: Your physical address, nearest town, county, and directions to your house.

M Which company is doing the blasting: Include the permit number if you know it.

M The complaint: Tell exactly what happened and when it happened in as much detail as possible.

MAsk for a written response from DEP.

M Keep a copy of your complaint. (Not that the DEP would ever lose anything ...)

Where Do I Send My Complaint?

Mail to: *

David Vande Linde

Chief, Office of Explosives and Blasting


601 57th St.

Charleston, WV 25304

E-mail: 7



Phone: (

Dave Vande Linde: (304) 926-0464

Pam Nixon, Citizens Advocate : 1-800-654-5227, x 1328

See www.dep.wv.gov/dmr/oeb for more information on what DEP is supposed to do.

What If DEP Doesnt Seem To Care?

If you believe DEP is in any way neglecting to carry out its duties, your next step is to contact the federal Office of Surface Minings Charleston field office to have that agency review DEPs investigation of your blasting complaints.

Call Dennis Boyles at (304) 347-7162 , x 3022 or (304) 347-7158.

Hell need written materials, and may have to refer you back to DEP for more information, so if you already have written reports from DEP, you are in better shape.

E-mail: dboyles@osmre.gov 7

Dennis Boyles

OSM Charleston Field Office

1027 Virginia Street East

Charleston, West Virginia 25301

Be Persistent

We sometimes hear that "no one is complaining." That could well be because people are so fed up with dealing with the agency runaround and feeling disrespected.

But keep at it. Dont let the companies and agencies get away with pretending you and your community arent being harmed by the blasting.

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