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September 2010

Streams and the Lives That Depend on Them Win One
Nationwide Permit 21s Minimal Impact Given the Boot
Wind Energy:
Get Local With It
Making A Stand in Twilight
Selenium Lawsuits Target MTR Mines at Twilight, Catenary, Others; Highlight Serious Problem for Entire Coal Industry
MTR Continues to Destroy Mountains and Communities in WV
Much-Lauded Strict Mountaintop Mining Guidelines Not So Strict
Judge Says Patriot Coal, DEP Failing to Curb Selenium Violations
SSP Makes Presentations at Legislative Hearings
SSP-Prompted Study Shows Need to Know More About Slurry Injection
United Nations Declares Clean Water A Fundamental Human Right
Summer with the Sludge Safety Project
Sculptor Donates Original Work for Fundraising Effort
SSP Needs YOU!
OVEC Sends Delegation to Detroit for the US Social Forum
Tennessee University Students Clean Boone County Cemeteries
EPA Addresses Environmental Justice
Lindytown Memorial Service Held
Youth Build It Up, West Virginia!
Hot Off The Press: Our Cemetery Preservation Brochure
Eating For OVEC and Raising $$$
Revving Up the Campaign to End MTR
Cemetery Damaged by Gas Company Reconsecrated
Self Care Essential to Saving Mountains, So Take the Time
Thomas Kincaid Honored with the Steven J. Ferguson Award
Gasland, the Movie, Comes to WV - And It's Not A Good Thing
Members Growing OVEC
WV Clean Elections Pilot Project Gets Underway
New York Times Reports on Spruce No. 1 Controversy in West Virginia
We Comment to the EPA on Spruce No. 1 Permit
Coal Industry Costs WV State Budget $97.5 Million More Than It Generates
Mr. White Goes to Washington
Study of Energy Expansion Fund Mandated by WV Legislature
Global Warming / Climate Instability in the Mountain State
Civil Society Institute Study Details Path for Breaking Away from Dirty Energy
10/10/10 - The Day To Act Up on the Global Climate Crisis
Appalachia Rising! Voices from the Mountains converging on DC
Update on Efforts to Preserve Blair Mountain from Further Damage
The Coal Truth: Whipple Company Store
Go Tell It With A Television Ad
Ghana Group Amazed at Destruction Allowed by MTR
Removing Mountains and Tourism, Not A Good Combination

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Winds of Change Newsletter, September 2010     See sidebar for table of contents

Making A Stand in Twilight

In Boone County, WV, the people of the 50-dwelling town of Twilight have seen what happened to their friends and neighbors in nearby Lindytown, where the community was annihilated in less than two years.

They see the mountaintop removal draglines creeping closer to their own community. Some of them even feel the blasting shaking their homes.

OVEC member Frankie Mooney owns 9 acres of land, along with all mineral rights, situated between the encroaching MTR draglines and the town of Twilight. His land is crucial to Patriot Coals apparent plans to continue their mountaintop removal, thus depopulating Twilight.

OVEC is working toward a partial purchase of 4.9 acres of Frankies land, which contains two cabins that can be used for meeting and sleeping space. When the money for this partial purchase is secured, Frankie Mooney and OVEC will become joint owners of that land.

A partial purchase by OVEC will be a clear demonstration to the good folks of the Twilight area that OVEC is a stakeholder in their community, and that we are with them for the long haul in the struggle to save and improve the community. Frankie Mooney says "I cant save my land or our community alone. But with OVECs involvement, together we can work to save Twilight."

A partial purchase will make it much easier for OVEC staff and volunteers to continue to organize in the Twilight area. It will provide the strongest legal standing to OVEC in litigation focused on stopping illegal mining practices. Our organizing and legal work has the potential to prevent Twilight from becoming the next community lost to mountaintop removal.

Many communities in southern West Virginia have been obliterated by mountaintop removal mining. We want to make Twilights story the dawn of a new day for southern West Virginia. We want to save not only the community, but also the subsistence-based way of life that is being lost as elders die and as people are driven out of their homes.

These are some of the most resilient people in this country. The history of underground mining there is one of frequent mining stoppages due to factors such as temporarily declining markets, accidents and strikes.

In a time of serious economic stress nationwide, these residents have a lot to teach us all about living off of the land, and surviving during times of economic adversity.

Please visit www.mtrstopshere.org.

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