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October 2009

Major News: EPA May Do Its Job!
DEP Biologist: Agency Chief Huffmans Testimony to Congress Was Ill Informed

Thinking About Your Legacy: An Open Letter from Dr. Ken Hechler

Reflecting on EPAs Announcement
JOBS in the Coalfields, the Right Way
Families in Mingo Co. Sue Over Flooding
Asking the Highest Court in the Land to Hear Our Case
Dear Friends at OVEC
Lindytown - Threats, Dead Horses and Shattered Dreams As the Draglines Creep Ever Closer
Lindytown - From Nice Little Mountain Town to Virtual Ghost Town
EPA Moves to Block WVs Largest MTR Mining Permit
Corps Approves Controversial Permit Despite EPAs Objections
The Trail of Tears - History Is Repeating Itself in WV
Policy Efforts on Family Cemetery Protection Issues
Join the Cemetery Protection Group And Help Find Long-Term Solutions
Awareness is Where Its At
Please Pray for Webster County
Cook Family Cemeteries: Ancestors No Longer Rest In Peace Due to Mountaintop Removal Mining
Coal Slurry: New York Times Nails Clean Water Act Crimes (Many) and Punishment (None)
Victory! Public Water Lines Finally Coming to Prenter
Goodbye Patricia, Welcome Stephanie! - New Organizer Joins SSP Effort
WVU Studying Effects of Coal Slurry Injection on Health
Working to Reduce Coal Prep Plant Air Pollution
Six Southern WV Communities to Benefit from EPA Grant
Judge Thornsbury Disqualified from Presiding in Slurry Injection Case
Coal Country - the movie: Film Debuts To Packed Crowd After Concerns Almost Cancel Showing
Help End MTR and Help Coal Country Have a Party!
OVEC: Power With!
What Happens In Valleys Is As Important As What Happens On Mountain Peaks
Plundering Appalachia - The Book, Is Here!
Chemicals and Their Dangers Force People From Kanawha Valley
Clean Elections - Saving WV From Future Scandals
Why Manchin and Co. Dont Care About Health in the Coalfields
Eating For OVEC Keeps Raising $$$
Carbon Tax: Our ACES in the Hole for Real Change
Report: Global Warming Causes 300,000 Deaths A Year, Toll to Increase
Remembering Conley Branch - May It Always Be In My Heart
United Against MTR:
Red Bandanas, Dreadlocks, Clean-Cut, Old Folks and Young
TV News Fails to Cover Mountaintop Removal Well, Or At All
Nominations for OSM Chief
University Divesting of Massey Stock, Others May Follow
Toxic Legislation: Selenium at the Legislature; OVEC Appeal to EPA

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Winds of Change Newsletter, October 2009     See sidebar for table of contents

Coal Country - the movie: Film Debuts To Packed Crowd After Concerns Almost Cancel Showing

A scene during the filming of the documentary Coal Country.

Coal Country, a documentary by Mari-Lyn Evans and Phylis Geller, premiered to a standing-room-only crowd at the WV Culture Center in Charleston on July 11.

The film was originally scheduled to screen at the LaBelle Theatre, but LaBelle officials canceled the showing at the last minute, saying they feared a run in between mountain toppers and mountain lovers although no specific threats were made.

There was a mad scramble to secure funds for the new venue. The publicity surrounding the LaBelle cancellation no doubt helped with turnout. People love a banned film.

Sylvester Dustbusters Mary Miller and Pauline Canterberry are the sweethearts of the film, captivating audience members. Maria Lambert and Kathy Parsons, from Prenter, help tell the story of coal-poisoned water.

Coal River Mountain Watchs Judy Bonds has loads of matter-of-fact zingers. OVEC board member Chuck Nelson offers the perspective of a former deep miner who understands the urgent need to transition out of the fossil fuel era.


From Coal Country, the movie: "Chuck Nelson is a retired union coal miner who spent 35 years underground. When Massey Energy built a processing plant in his home town of Sylvester, West Virginia, Chuck was horrified by the dust and debris threatening the town. He began to protest. He lost his job and his family home. In order to get health insurance, Chuck had to take a job for a non-union minerun by Massey Energy. Now Chuck works full time with the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC). We follow him as he helps organize another community trying to protect its land and water."

Scientist Michael Hendryx weighs in on the true and deadly costs of coal, as does Ohio farmer Elisa Young, while Joe Lovett explains the assorted court cases his organization, Earthjustice and Public Justice have filed for environmental groups.

The coal industry gets its say in the film, too. And at the Charleston screening, the coal supporters even got in their heckles.

In Akron on Sept. 12, at the Civic Theater, the film drew more than 1,400 people, but no hecklers.

Kathy Mattea sang to open the event. Oberlin College environmental scientist and OVEC friend David Orr introduced Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, who seemed to oppose mountaintop removal, even though he has yet to cosponsor S696, the Appalachian Restoration Act.

See next article for details on how you can help more people see Coal Country.


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