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September 2008

More Legal Victories Against Mountaintop Mining
Judge Orders End to Selenium Violations at Logan MTR Mine
Corps Complacency Allows Continued Destruction
Persistence Pays! OVEC Members Win Sludge Warning System
Mines Selenium Extensions Wrong, Appeals Board Finds
Mining Company to Pay $1.48 Million Selenium Pollution Fine

Go Green for A Day of Action

Cabell Co. Democratic Delegates Pass Resolution Opposing Mountaintop Removal, Supporting Underground Mining
OVEC Adds Mingo County Native to Help Organize and Empower Southern WV Coalfield Communities
From Mingo County to DC, Lobbying for Change in WV
Major Mountaintop Removal Lawsuit Appeal Scheduled for Sept. 23
Water Testing, Health Problems In Boone County
Sludge Safety Project Has Internship Opportunity Now for 2009 Session
Books and Films and CDs
Boone County Updates: Bob White Listed Among Planets Disappearing Destinations
Thugs and Bullies Beware: The Whole World is Watching You
De-Escalating Bullying Through Training to Handle Volatile Situations
Wind Farm or Mountaintop Removal on Coal River Mountain?
Wind Power Facts

Faith in Action: As Decision Approaches, A Call for Peace in the Coalfields

Tell Congress Its Past Time to Pass the Clean Water Protection Act
Billboards Part of New Outreach, Website Campaign in Mingo County
Family Cemeteries Another Victim of Mountain Massacre Mining
Gore: Mountaintop Removal an Atrocity; Clean Energy Needed Now
Wake up Ansted, Jodie and Gauley Bridge!
A Better Vision: Working Together For A Sustainable Appalachia
Clean Elections Summit Clarifies Strategy
Taking Action: New GetActive Web Page Launched
Another Reason We Need Clean Elections
Public Campaign Financing a Focus for Catholic Women
Disclosure Legislation Helps; Publicly-Financed Campaigns Better
Mountain Keepers Music Festival Celebrates Appalachia
How Can Coal Be Carbon Neutral? Because Walker Machinery Says It Is
OVEC Involved in Southeast Climate Convergence
Global Climate Change Effects on World Economy Will Be Greater Than Both World Wars, Great Depression Combined
The Ethics of Climate Change - Pay Now or Pay Later, But We All Pay
High School Students from LA View A Massacre, WV Style
Citizens Voice Concerns with Proposed Mining Operation
Major Discovery Primed To Unleash Solar Revolution
Governor Commits Taxpayer $$$ to Questionable Coal-to-Liquids Scheme
Early Deaths in WV Coalfields - The Price We Pay
Power Lines Promise PATH of Destruction, TrAIL of Tears
The Alliance Continues to Work Together
Battle of the Titans
Goodbye, Tony

Take Action

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Winds of Change Newsletter, September 2008     See sidebar for table of contents

Sludge Safety ProjectWater Testing, Health Problems In Boone County

In July, members and supporters of Sludge Safety Project met with scientists who sampled water wells and streams along Prenter Road (Rt. 5) in Boone County.

New toilets in the Prenter area quickly turn into biology experiments.
New toilets in the Prenter area quickly turn into biology experiments.

About 12 homes were tested as part of an effort to address peoples concerns that polluted groundwater may be affecting their health. The testing is part of a community partnership with an EPA Community Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE) grant.

After the day of testing, local residents met to prioritize environmental concerns that could be addressed with the CARE partnership.

Foremost on peoples minds was the need for emergency water in the community.

Many people were concerned about the hazardous substances used in the coal mining process and the lack of accountability for the use and disposal of these chemicals.

  A nurse who has been conducting health evaluations with Prenter-area people has recorded 80 people with gall bladder disease. The nurse has observed about 3 percent of the population around the Charleston area having the disease, whereas 98 percent of all the folks she has seen from the Prenter area have the disease.  

Children in the area are having their teeth literally dissolve, and people fear that the bad water is the cause of this grave problem.  

People living near Lavinia Creek have reported thick layers of foam coursing down the stream at times, likely from the mining activity because no one lives in the area where the foam is originating.

Sludge Safety Project will continue to work with Prenter-area folks to demand clean water.


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