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December 2007

Judge: Valley Fill Damages Trump $$$ Lost
20 Years of Standing Our Ground
Changing Course: Windcall and the Art of Renewal
Highlights of OVECs History 20 Years of STANDING OUR GROUND
State Supreme Court Upholds Verdict Against Coal Company Over Destroyed Water Wells
Sludge Safety Project Makes Progress on Study
OSM Gets an Earful on Plan to Weaken Mining Rules
65 Percent of Americans Oppose Bush Plan for Buffer Zone Rules 
West Virginia Council of Churches Statement on Mountaintop Removal
Good Blue Dogs Helping to Raise Funds for OVEC This Christmas
Praying for the Land and People Victimized by MTR
Update on Blair Mountain
Strip Mining Damages Nature
A Note from Maria Gunnoe
David vs. Goliath Award Goes to OVECs Boone County Organizer
Tips on Writing a Letter to the Editor - Do It TODAY!
Clean Politics = Public Financing - It Really Is That Simple
Clean Elections: Control How You Pay for Politics
Piper Funds Challenge Grant Goal Exceeded! THANKS!!!!!
Eastern Panhandle Woman Pushes for Clean Elections
Why Dont Regulators Do Their Jobs? OVEC Answers
Delegate Wants Public Financing Law
OVEC Works! Thanks!
Public Energy Authority Not Serving Public: Manchins Coal-to-Liquids Energy Plan Gets Little Support
Mingo Residents Gather to Celebrate, Better their County
The Appalachian Adventure
Oh, Yeah, That's A Great Spot for A Mountaintop Removal Mine!
This Summers Story Voices of Those Hurt by Mountaintop Removal Mining
Ink Cartridge Recycling Program Sinks, But You Can Still EAT FOR OVEC
This Cant Happen in America, Can It?  No, Only in Central Appalachia - So Far

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Winds of Change Newsletter, December 2007     See sidebar for table of contents

OVEC Works! Thanks!

20th Anniversary: Thanks to OVEC co-director Janet Keating and the Board Anniversary Committee for planning this event Eric Fout (with an extra special thanks for all the meeting reminders, contacting musicians, for procuring free table cloths and napkins, for helping with setup and more), Larry Gibson, Thomas Kincaid, Michael Morrison and John Taylor. Thanks to Tonya Adkins for her work in prepping the event and to Maryanne Graham who worked so hard during the event and on cleanup duty. To Ralph Oberly and OVEC staff who helped with setup and cleanup. Thanks to Big Rock and the CandyA** Mountain Boys (Rick Bady, Eric Fout, Bo Masullo, and Blake Sypher) and Tonya Adkins and Ronnie Bond for the fabulous music. To Carey Lea for providing the firewood. To City Linen and Towel Service, 340 Washington Ave., Huntington, for donating lovely yellow linens. And thanks to all who brought the delicious food. Thanks to all who attended, and those who celebrated from afar you are the ones who make OVEC rock, you are the ones who are responsible for our 20 years of standing our ground!

Kayford Mountain prayer vigil: Thanks to Larry Gibson, for hosting; Robin Blakeman, for organizing and developing the service; Rev. Dennis Sparks, Rev. Jim Lewis, Allen Johnson, Dana Kuhnline, students from Pfiffeir College, Carol Kirkpatrick, Pauline Canterberry, Lilly Cavanagh Brenda McCoy, Donetta Blankenship, Michael Morrison, Donna Branham, Kathryn Stone, Regina Hendrix, Wilma Steele, Rose Edington, Mel Hoover and many others; and to all the people who helped with turnout for the event!

"This Land is Our Land" Picnic in Mingo County: Thanks to Donna and Charlie Branham, Wilma and Terry Steele, and Walter and Carol Young for planning the event.

Ansted area: Thanks to Katheryn and John Hoffman, Roy and Jane Crist, Cary and Karen Huffman and Bev Walkup in the Ansted area, who are working hard to protect and organize their community from outlaw strip mining. Special thanks to Derek Teaney for his invaluable legal advice.

Fayette County: Thanks to L.P. for all his help and advice in organizing.

OVECs strategic planning weekend: Thanks to all who attended and to Abe Mwaura and Tricia Feeney for so much work in making it happen.

Membership appeal: Thanks to Chuck Nelson, for writing; Michael Morrison for working two days on the mailing.

WV Council of Churches public policy forum: Thanks to Donetta Blankenship and Brenda McCoy for representing OVEC and speaking about water issues in Mingo Co.

Public Energy Authority hearings: Thanks to all who attended and spoke, with a special shout-out to Brenda McCoy.

Buffer zone hearing: Thanks to all who attended and who planned the event, made signs, and called media outlets.

Flyovers: SouthWings volunteer pilots and staff for continued incredible support.

Mingo County meeting space: Larry and Brenda Brown.

Editing: Laura Bannon, Mary Wildfire, Greg Wood

Phone calling / phone banks: Thanks to Lilly Cavanagh and Michael Morrison for the countless phone calls youve made.

Charleston Area Youth: Thanks to Danny, Trevor, Heather, Leah, Megan, Zach, Kelly, Dana, Jennifer who are all working to organize in solidarity with communities that are directly impacted by mountaintop removal.

Planning on approaches to end cemetery destruction: Lois Armstrong, Larry Gibson, Regina Hendrix and Bill Price and Dianne Bady.

Water testing: Thanks to Lon Wilson for his years of patient work and deep concern for his community.

Cabin Creek: Owen and Kathy Stout for helping with media and your local organizing.

Prenter and documentation of contaminated water: Chuck Nelson, Bobby Mitchell, Patty Sebok and Matt Noerpel.

Assorted mailings: David Duke, Michael Morrison, Ronda Harper, Tom Jones and John Taylor. Special thanks to Automated Mailing of Huntington, for extremely generous help with our mailings.


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