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September 2007

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Citizen Input Made THE Difference in Sludge Safety Study
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Training to Listen, Listening to Tears of the Mountains
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Two New Books on Ravages of MTR
Faith In Action: Religious Community Engaging to End Mountaintop Removal
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OVEC Works! Thank You!
Learning How to Work With the Media to Get Our Message Out
Boone Countys OVEC Team Really Taking Flight After Two Years
Getting the GIST of Grist
Every Action Counts! Residents Letters Result in Mining Site Inspection
King Coal, State Chamber of Commerce Say Environmental Groups Attacking WVs Economic Lynchpin
Let Us Be Very Clear: Mountaintop Removal Mining is NOT About Creating Jobs, Its About $$$$$
Attempt to Undermine OVEC Just Shows Its Importance
Interests of the Working Man: Citizen Groups Are Working to SAVE the Mountain State
Stover Cemetery Desecration Aided by State Agencys Repeated Inaction
Coalfield Delegation at the UN for Sake of the Mountains
What a Concept Government Of, By and For the People!
Farewell to Si Galperin, Champion of Clean Elections
Public Financing Would Mean Cheaper Elections
Global Warming / Climate Instability in the Mountain State
Feed Your Family, Support OVECs Work, Life Is Good!
Coal-to-Liquid is Nuts - Here Are Just A Few Reasons Why
Goodbye to Mitch, Writer and Friend
Miner Takes His Battle to West Virginia Supreme Court

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Winds of Change Newsletter, September 2007     See sidebar for table of contents

Faith In Action

Religious Community Engaging to End Mountaintop Removal

by Joshua Ashton Hill

So youre reading this, but youre not sure what you can do to act on your faith.  Indeed, the struggle against mountaintop removal is vast, but so is our God.  If we respond to this crisis in faithful ways, God will be faithful. 

Together, we will end this violence.  Here are a few ideas for putting your faith in action:

Publicly post your denominations Official Resolution on Mountaintop Removal on your churchs bulletin board.  Resolutions are posted at www.ohvec.org/temp/ch_syn_against_mtr.pdf and www.ilovemountains.org/resolutions.

If your denomination is not represented above, find out why. 

Organize a viewing of the DVD Kilowatt Ours in your church, Sunday school class, youth group or bible study.

Conduct an energy audit for your house of worship.  Visit www.elca.org/advocacy/environment/envaudit.pdf  for more information.

Ask your pastor and/or church leaders to utilize the National Council of Churches Eco-Justice curriculum resources.  They are available at: www.nccecojustice.org/resources.html

Make a love offering for Christians for the Mountains.  Visit the site at www.christiansforthemountains.org/ 

Print your churchs monthly electricity bill in the bulletin or order of worship.

Buy green power if it is offered by your utility.  If not, write a letter to your utility expressing your desire to do so.

Encourage your pastor to incorporate environmental awareness into prayers and sermons.

Plant trees on your churchs land to offset carbon emissions from burning coal.

Have conversations with members of your church who may disagree with you.  Remember, the spirit of Christ is the spirit of prophetic peacemaking.

Pray. Pray. Pray.


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