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December 2006

Army Corps of Engineers Apparent Policy:
No Headwater Streams Shall Be Left Unburied
SLUDGE: Legislators Get an Earful From People Who Live With It Every Day in WV

Morning Glories

SSP - Elaine Speaking Out on Slurrys Evils
SSP - Boone County Success!
Write to Support Slurry Study
SSP - Slurry Study Before Legislative Subcommittee
MTR Threatens Historic Paint Creek Trail
OVEC Members Featured in Moyers on America
Don Blankenship One of The 13 Worst People In America? No Way!
Ed Wiley - Walking Tall for the Sake of His Kids
Ms. Sims Goes to Washington As Mr. Wiley Walks In 
A Whole Bunch of Thank Yous
UNC Students in Mingo County for Fall Break
An Open Letter to WV Gov. Joe Manchin
Freese Says We Must Freeze Coal Burning Before We Freeze Ourselves Out
Whos Buying Congress Now? You Get One Guess
Millions Spent to Make Sweeping Changes in States Political Landscape Backfires As Coal Baron's Candidates Defeated
Under New Law, Americans Must Guard Against Abuse of Power
OVEC Co-Sponsors Meet the Candidates Forum in Huntington
WV Resident Speaks Out About Blankenships Methods
Blankenship Hurt GOP, Chairman Says
Appalachias Last Stand
Tour Acquaints Writers with Horrors of Mountaintop Removal Mining
Coal-to-Liquid Doesnt Make Sense for Economy, Environment
Here We Go Again - Suing to Get King Coal, State to Follow the Law
Coalfield Voices
The Appalachian Landscape: Bob Ross Dont Live Here No More
One Artists View
Net Greenhouse Gases Inventory Bill Up for Consideration - Again
Stickin It to The Man !
Give (OVEC) Gifts That Give Twice
Global Warming Cost Versus War Costs

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One Artists View

Wilma Steele and one of her works
Wilma Steele and one of her works

Statement from artist Wilma Lee Steele, resident of Meador, Mingo County, whose work was in the art show:

Nature has always been important to me.  When I was a child, camping and fishing with my family were a major part of summertime.  My own special place was a vine-covered tree canopy where it was always cool and many good books were my only companions. 

As an adult, my husband and I share the love of time spent together in the hills.  We love West Virginia and our hearts grieve over what is happening here. I am often asked, Ms. Steele have you seen the golf course or the trails?  Dont you like them?  I have seen them, and the hatchery, the industrial park, the plans for the school and much more.  I am not against progress and if the mountaintop has already been blasted apart, then good use for what is left is great.

  Now, I ask you, "Have you seen what was there before?  Do you know what we just destroyed?"  These mountains are one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world.  Many of our families have been in this country since before the Revolutionary War or even earlier.  Our connection with the Appalachians is a part of our heritage.  Every cliff had a name, and animals and plants were our means of survival.  I know times have changed, but to destroy so much of our heritage for money is a shame.  So I ask you, "Have you looked down on these mountains from a plane and seen just how much is gone?  Have you seen the flooding and destruction of your neighbors property with the third 100-year rain?"

Ive heard an "act of God" once too often!  I do what others have done in the past when their eyes and ears have witnessed loss of too much - I use my art to create, I write words to cry out, and I pray that someone hears.  I support those that do something to stop the wrong that is being done.

  Art is not just pretty pictures many of its images are quite disturbing but it has the ability to get others to be still and see. Our writers, singers, movie makers, painters and sculptors have always been important to social change.  Their works are often the consciousness-expanding voice that gets others to hear.

  I do not put myself in this great company or on that level.  I am only another heart that cares. I know I have friends that have a stronger talent and ability than mine, but when small groups of passionate people join together for a common good then mountains move or stay.


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