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September 2006

Massey Energy Court-Ordered to Provide Water in Mingo Co.
Healing Mountains
Back to Work for Our Enchanted Forests, with Love
 Lawsuits Muddy Water Project
MTR Trial Reset for October
Memorial Service in Forested Cemetery Amidst the Devastation of Mountaintop Removal Mining
After 13 Years, Work Finally Underway on Lick Creek Water Project

Attorney Responds to Coal Company Frivolous Lawsuit

"Like Walking Onto Another Planet" - MTR Horrors Described

Local Grandpa Walking to DC for Marsh Fork Kids
Dont Consolidate In Mingo Build a New School for Marsh Fork Kids
For the Sake of the Kids, Blankenship Should Give Back Some of His Millions
The MOP, OVECs Contribution to Mountain Justice Summer 2006
United Nations Sustainability Commission Hit with MTR Realities
Welcome to OVECs Newest Organizer
T H A N K S !
Are You Ready for Some ... Coal Ball? FOC (says) Yes!
Editorial: Stop Complaining, Go to the Polls and Vote!
Was the 2004 Election Stolen? Our Voting System is Not Secure
Blankenship Has Too Much Influence
Awards Presented at OVEC's Annual Meeting on, Naturally, Earth Day
Don Blankenship Responds to Vanity Fair Article
Ex-Maid Alleges Blankenship Bullied Her Out of Job
Massey CEOs Pay Vastly Exceeds Salaries of Peers, Reports Find
Open Letter to Don Nehlens Publisher
Blair Draft EIS Under Review
No Rain Check for the Man with Endless Blank Checks for Politicians
Inspirational, Educational Gifts for Others and Even Yourself
Hey King Coal! You missed some! Right ... over ... there

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Winds of Change Newsletter, September 2006     See sidebar for table of contents

MTR Trial Reset for October

You may have seen the headline: "Mining trial canceled while permits reviewed." As Ken Ward reported in a June 15 Charleston Gazette article:

"A federal judge on Wednesday canceled a trial scheduled for next week in the latest legal effort to curb mountaintop removal coal mining.

"U.S. District Judge Robert C. Chambers acted on a motion by the federal Army Corps of Engineers ... In a court filing, corps lawyers said the agency decided its original permit approvals "merit further review and reconsideration."

"In the case, the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition and other groups hope to force the corps to begin conducting detailed studies called environmental impact statements every time the agency considers a new mining permit application.

The trial is on again, right now tentatively scheduled for October 3. Check our website, www.ohvec.org or call the office at (304) 522-0246 to confirm the trial date.


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