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April 2006

Federal Judge Blocks Massey Mine Expansion
The Appalachian Coalfield Delegation to the United Nations
The Madagascar Periwinkle and Me
Community Shares - A New Way to Give That Can Make A Difference
Why We Go to the United Nations
Anne Breden: Goodbye to A Friend
Sympathy Extended to Families of Two OVEC Supporters
Leaked Massey Memo Is Blunt - Mine Coal, or Else!
Closer, But No Victory Dance for Clean Elections Yet
Arizona Official Says Campaign Finance Reform Working Great
Bill Moyers: This Is A Time for Heresy, Democracy is For Sale
Mountain State a Test Bed for Election-Funding Rules

1,200 Coal-Fired Plants Headed Our Way Within 10 Years

Victory: A Break In the Smog
Mountaintop Removal Mining Visible - From Space!
DEP Denies Massey Air Quality Permit Near Marsh Fork School
Appalachian Spring: Or, What it looks like NOW, as opposed to what it SHOULD look like
JOIN US FOR Healing Mountains
Mountain Justice Summer: MOP Up Mountaintop Removal!
MJS 2006: A Call to Action
Rape of the Mountains - A Personal Perspective

Coal Sludge and Groundwater Don't Mix

Wrap-Up of Legislative Efforts to Achieve Sludge Safety
Living with Bad Water: And This Is Happening in America?
Its Bad When Coal Waste Gets in the Water
Gods Creation: Coal Industry Does Not Practice Good Stewardship
The Character of Mountains
Residents Worry About Sludge Pond Hazards

Censored: Libraries Dont Like WV Childs Story About MTR

DEP Trying to Settle Hundreds of Massey Pollution Violations

Global Warming Already Here in the Mountain State

Massive Media Monitoring of Mountaintop Massacre
Hobet Ville
Thank You

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Winds of Change Newsletter, April 2006     See sidebar for table of contents

Rape of the Mountains - A Personal Perspective

by Anita Miller

They are beginning to rape another hillside. The cutters have come in and clear cut everything that stands.

This is very distressing. I grew up in those hills, climbed those trees that now lay on the ground ready to be burned up. It was just a few years ago that my Dad and I went ginseng-ing up those hills. When I was just a kid, PawPaw Caudill and I would walk up on the old strip mine road and look for chunks of coal. He was blind so I would find the coal and he could feel it and tell if it was good or not. We then would roll the chunks down the hill to be picked up later.

Every October my family gets together for a camping trip. This has been going on since I was born. For years we camped in the same spot, then the mines moved in and took over. Then we moved to Berrys Branch; the mines have taken that area. Then, three years ago we moved up behind the home place at Mud River. The mines have now cut all the trees above the camp site and plan on putting in a sludge pond.

My grandchildren love to camp, but this tradition of camping may end soon, because the mines are taking all the mountains.

Strip mining is a horrible thing. When we drive in that area my granddaughter can't even look at the destruction. At 11-years-old, she can understand how much we need the mountains. She asked me one day, "MawMaw, don't they know we need the trees?" I hate the fact she won't experience the same enjoyment out of the mountains that I did.

(Ed. Note: The Miller/Caudill homes on Mud River were featured in the March 2006 National Geographic article, When Mountains Move.)

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