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Winds of Change
February 2005


OVEC Co-Director's MTR Fight Featured in Alumni Magazine

YES! West Virginia's Clean Elections Bill Moving Forward

Activists Field Trip to WV: Report Back on Mountain Range Removal
State Bird Populations Declining, Loss of Habitat Due to MTR A Factor
How Big Business is Quietly Funding a Judicial Revolution in the Nations Court Systems
WV Lawmakers Writing Bill to Limit Giving to So-Called 527 Groups
Will Benjamin Be a Reliable Pro-Business Vote on WV Supreme Court? Some Fear He Will Defer to Big Money, His Election Backers
Next Supreme Court Race Could Be Just as Nasty, Observers Fear
West Virginia Open for Business, Coal Leaders Say
Massey Chief Gets a BIG Thumbs Down from Coalfield Residents
Maine and Arizona Voters Reaped the Benefits of Their Publicly-Funded Clean Election Systems on Nov. 2
West Virginians Reverse Past Trend of Election Year Complacency
West Virginia Heads Down a New Political Road Less Taken - Republican
We Care, We Count and We Voted!
Boy Killed by Flyrock; Va. Residents Cite Flawed Regs
Help Counter King Coals Massive PR Campaign; Write Letters To the Editor!
Ecologist leads effort to rescue plants on mining, logging sites
Help Us Make Coalfield Communities Safer from Sludge
OVEC Presents Si Galperin the Laura Forman Passion for Justice Award
The Mourning Mountains
New DEP Office is ... Interesting
THANKS! to everyone who supports OVEC's work with financial contributions!
Only Turkeys Would Eat That Turkey
Conservation of Appalachian Medicinal Plants
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State's judges not for sale; Big bucks not 'investing' in Arizona bench
Justice? Bizarre court race
Presentation to the Nation on our Situation
Lessons on the mountain: Virginia Tech students witness the scars caused by mountaintop coal mining at Kayford Mountain, W.Va.
Julia Has Style

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

Human extinction within 100 years warns scientist
Feel safer? Then you might not want to read this book

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OVEC Co-Director's MTR Fight Featured in Alumni Magazine

The Ohio Valley Environmental Coalitions founder and co-director Dianne Bady is now a cover girl! Shes on the Winter-issue cover of University of Wisconsins alumni magazine, On Wisconsin, which has the largest circulation a quarter million of any such magazine.

Dianne graduated from UW in 1972, with a double degree in social work and psychology.

The photo team gets ready for a shot amid what used to be the majestic West Virginia mountains.


The excellent cover story (theres a link to it at the top of OVECs homepage, www.ohvec.org), Moving Mountains, by Erik Ness, focuses on Dianne, OVEC, Coal River Mountain Watchs Maria Gunnoe and mountaintop removal:

"So often, their well-laid plans were scuttled: theyd lose key members to intimidation, or a state or corporate maneuver would change the entire strategic landscape. OVEC responds with what they call radical trust. "We noticed that so often when we didnt know what to do, something would happen," explains Bady. "Wed get new people; wed get a source of money that we hadnt counted on; wed make a crucial contact with people inside of state or federal agencies who could point us in the right direction and feed us all kinds of information under the table."


Above and below, amid the rubble of Almost Heaven, West Virginia, or is it an OVEC moon landing?

"You cant argue with the results

"Shes faced off against powerful industries that nobody else would tackle," says (OVEC co-director, Janet) Fout, who calls Bady a spiritual companion and OVECs visionary. "Its like going into the lions den, and shes done it over and over."

New York City-based photographer Nina Kowaloff Barnett and her assistant, Rob Kinmonth, flew in to take the cover shot. Both were utterly shocked and angered about the destruction, of which they got quite an eyeful as OVECs Vivian Stockman escorted them and On Wisconsins art director around the coalfields. Stockman supplied nine of the 10 photos used in Diannes story.


"For Bady, the extreme degradation of mountaintop removal is symptomatic of larger problems. There are very, very few ordinary people involved in our democracyMany of the fundamental changes we need in this country are not going to come from federal politicians They come from people in communities and neighborhoods working together to get things better. Then the change will filter upward. "

The site for the photo shoot. Blasted, gutted mountaintops are not hard to find in southern WV.

Ironically, this vista of green trees and rolling hills was on the other side of the road from the photo shoot ... a poignant comment on what we have, and what it is too fast becoming.

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