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Winds of Change
October 2004


Judge Expands Ruling
Against Valley Fills

But Bush Says, Not So Fast!

A Note from Dianne
Coalfield "terror" eludes authorities
What a SHOCKING Surprise - Pulp Mill Was a Boondoggle After All
Reverential Reflections on Mountaintop Removal in WV
Global Warming Costly!
Coal Isnt My Friend
Child Killed by Avoidable Mining Tragedy
New York Times: Friends in White House Come to Coals Aid
New Campaign Aims to Change Political Same-Old, Same-Old
Fair And Clean Elections Could Change the FACE of WV Politics
Clean Elections for the Future!
Another Reason There is No Such Thing As "Clean" Coal
EPA Wording Found to Mirror Industrys; Influence on Mercury Proposal Probed
Coal-Fired Plants Raising New Health Concerns
Mountaintop Removal / Valley Fill Strip Mining In The News
Mercury, Coal and Human Health; A Mothers Statement on the Effects of Mercury Poisoning on Children
Say What You Want, King Coal, Mountaineers Do NOT Support MTR
MTR NOT "Sustainable"
OVEC and NAACP Partner at Tri-State Multi-Cultural Festival
The Role of Mountaintop Removal in Economic Insecurity and Homeland Destruction
Moving Mountains Release Party in Shepherdstown Benefits OVEC, CRMW
Historic Blair Mountain Prepares for Its Last Stand
A Sad Good-bye to Bill Maxey, Who Spoke the Truth About MTR
The Race to Dismantle Racism: It's Still Alive and Well
Jack Spadaro Settles Long Fight With MSHA, Retires for Sake of His Health
Stand Up to Logging, MTR
Bush Administration Gutting FOIA and Hurting Publics Right to Know
"Forever Wild"- A Celebration of Wilderness Songs, Stories and Visions by Walkin Jim Stoltz
Coal vs. Wind - A Few Facts
Thanks to All the Awesome OVEC Volunteers!

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Goodwin Says No Nationwide Permits

Judge Expands Ruling Against Valley Fills

Charleston Gazette, August 14, 2004
by Ken Ward Jr.

A federal judge on Friday expanded his July 8 ruling that blocked the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from approving mountaintop removal valley fills through a streamlined permit process.

U.S. District Court Judge Joseph R. Goodwin granted a request by the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition to add six specific mining operations to the injunction.

A little more of West Virginias heritage goes tumbling out the back of a massive dump truck (upper left) at a valley fill in southern WV. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers considers this type of destruction "minimal."

Goodwin ordered the Corps to suspend Clean Water Act permits for the six operations if they had not commenced fill construction as of the July 8 date of his original ruling.

Originally, Goodwin blocked the corps from issuing new fill permits through the streamlined process, but also blocked 11 other operations if they had not yet commenced fill construction.

In his original ruling, Goodwin said the Corps could no longer approve valley fills through a streamlined permit process meant only for activities that cause minor environmental damage.

Rather than these "general" or "nationwide" permits, Goodwin said, coal companies must go through more rigorous individual permit reviews when they propose to bury streams with waste dirt and rock.


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