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Winds of Change
December 2003


OVEC's Win in Clean Water Act Case Has Nationwide and MTR Permit Implications

Ode to Massey Coal - How to Do Energy All Wrong

Granny D, Doris Haddock: On the Road Again!

Massey Coal Ordered to Monitor for Mercury, Other Toxics

On the Road to Change

Flat Land, or Flat Out Lie?

Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Arouses Passionate Comments During Comment Period

Your EIS Comments - Big Brother at OSM Is Watching Us!

Corps Idea of "Minimal Impact" Challenged in Court

Jack Spadaro's Story:
Work for MSHA, Tell
the Truth, Get Fired

WV Supreme Court Agrees to Hear OVEC Member's Case Against Arch Coal

Mountaintop Removal Mining Photos

Another Massive Massey Sludge Impoundment Proposed

Global Warming Topic of Annual Conference on the Environment

Guess What? Those Rules SAVE $$$

Even AEP knows global warming is real!

Sludge Impoundments in Spotlight - Again

Meet the New Boss at the EPA - the Same As the Old Boss at the EPA ... Sigh ...

On Getting Along

Just Say NO to Mountaintop Removal / Valley Fills in Papua, New Guinea

They Get It in California...

Remembering Laura - Memorial Fund Helps Her Passion Live On

Gifts That Give Twice - Just in Time for the Holidays!



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Six Million and One Reasons Why West Virginia Needs Clean Elections

Coal-bed methane attracts Halliburton to West Virginia

Public deserves a real
solution to slurry spills

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Flat Land, or Flat Out Lie?

One of the coal industrys favorite myths is that West Virginia needs more flat land for "economic development." Never mind the 300,000 acres of blasted-flat ex-mountains we already have. Some zany developers are bound to pop up any day now to build the infrastructure needed for the shopping malls, prisons and golf courses that the coal industry touts as the future economic savior of the southern coalfields. We better not let them read an Oct. 17 Ashland Daily Independent article, "Costly Prison: Construction project prime case for not building on strip mines."

Built on a donated mountaintop removal site, the Big Sandy federal prison, nicknamed Sink-Sink, is the most expensive federal prison ever built, with a price tag at $60 million over the original bid. The article says:

"It is not the prison itself but its location that has made the Big Sandy prison so costly, and thats unfortunate. What was originally hoped to be a positive example of how land leveled by surface mining can be used to promote economic development in Eastern Kentucky has done just the opposite. Other would-be developers will look at the problems encountered ... and think long and hard before ever opting to build on old strip-mine sites."


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