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Winds of Change
February 2003


 What Part Don't Coal Companies Understand?

Remembering Laura

Don't Despair - Organize and Fight Back Instead!

West Virginia Bill for Public Financing of Elections Advancing

Trick or Treat for George Bush - No War!

West Virginia's Clean Election Law - Let's Do the Right Thing and Return Honor to the Process

China - Nehlen remark unwise

Sylvester 'Dustbusters' Beat Up On Massey Energy

Massey Energy Subsidiary Denied Permit to Cover Another West Virginia Town with Coal Dust

Small Town Threatened by Huge Slurry Impoundment Proposal

Mothman Returns: Is He Sending Us Another Dire Warning?

Ken Hechler: A Hero for Our Time

Buffalo Creek 30 Years Later - Have We Learned the Lessons?

Legislation Introduced to Counter Bush Rollback of Clean Water Regulations

Whose Monument Is It?
Keep Miner, Ditch Industry Rhetoric at New Coal Memorial

World Social Forum Shows Commonality of People's Goals

The Field of Broken Dreams

Hey! The Truth IS Out There!

The Truth is Out There - Wayyyyyy Out There, in Massey Energy's Case

Honoring a Great Crusader


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What Part Don't Coal Companies Understand?

"And God saw everything he had made, and behold, it was very good." Genesis 1:31


This new OVEC design just went up on one of the large billboards on Interstate 64 near Hurricane, on the way in to Charleston. OVEC owns the banner used on this billboard. If youd like to rent billboard space elsewhere when our lease is up after 90 days, just let us know!

Whether youre religious or not, if you love the beauty of West Virginias mountains, you probably feel these mountains are sacred - and that it is grievously wrong to blow them up.

We need to continue fighting to bring justice to people whose lives have been devastated by mountaintop removal/valley fill strip mining. We need to work to slow the feared onslaught of new mountaintop removal permits, permits that have the personal blessing of George W. Bush (see article inside about the hopeful new Pallone/Shays bill introduced in the U.S. Congress.)

But we also need to publicly acknowledge the overall carnage, the ecocide of mountaintop removal, that continues to go on here. It is just plain wrong for powerful corporations to liquidate the treasures of our world for their gain.

If youd like to see more billboards like this, or see this design used in OVEC newspaper ads, could you please send a check to help make this happen?

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