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Winds of Change
February 2003


 What Part Don't Coal Companies Understand?

Remembering Laura

Don't Despair - Organize and Fight Back Instead!

West Virginia Bill for Public Financing of Elections Advancing

Trick or Treat for George Bush - No War!

West Virginia's Clean Election Law - Let's Do the Right Thing and Return Honor to the Process

China - Nehlen remark unwise

Sylvester 'Dustbusters' Beat Up On Massey Energy

Massey Energy Subsidiary Denied Permit to Cover Another West Virginia Town with Coal Dust

Small Town Threatened by Huge Slurry Impoundment Proposal

Mothman Returns: Is He Sending Us Another Dire Warning?

Ken Hechler: A Hero for Our Time

Buffalo Creek 30 Years Later - Have We Learned the Lessons?

Legislation Introduced to Counter Bush Rollback of Clean Water Regulations

Whose Monument Is It?
Keep Miner, Ditch Industry Rhetoric at New Coal Memorial

World Social Forum Shows Commonality of People's Goals

The Field of Broken Dreams

Hey! The Truth IS Out There!

The Truth is Out There - Wayyyyyy Out There, in Massey Energy's Case

Honoring a Great Crusader


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Hey! The Truth IS Out There!

Ever feel like your some of your teachers and the corporate-controlled mainstream media arent giving you the full picture? Dont despair the truth is out there, but you may have to work to find it. The November 2002 "Just Gimme Some Truth" conference sought to offer ideas and tools on finding the truth.

Members of the Marshall University student group MAPS (Marshall Action for Peaceful Solutions) worked hard for about nine months to organize their superlative conference to expose some truths about peace and justice and the mass media. OVEC is so glad to be a supporter of the MAPS students. Yall rock!

OVECs Dave Cooper hosted a showing of Blue Vinyl, a funny-sad documentary about the vinyl industry. Yup, we are living in dioxin-toxic-soup.

Populist Jim Hightower motivated the MAPS-sters to agitate and organize as did our nations founders and to gol-dang have fun while doing so.

In fact, he said, the work of organizing is "...just about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on."

Also see OVEC's people in action gallery: Just Gimme Some Truth

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