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Hoots and Hollers Dustin Feb 20, 2018
Co-Tenancy: Broad Form Deed Déjà Vu
This political maneuvering is to strip people of their rights... Call your WV Delegate today and tell them to say no to HB4268. Don't let history keep repeating itself. More
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Hoots and Hollers OVEC Oct 11, 2017
David McMahon: WV Lawmakers Must Protect Citizens from Fracking Industry’s Legislative Wish List
WV fracking legislation should protect citizens, and should not be dictated by the fracking industry. More
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Corporate greed
Press Release OVEC May 10, 2016
Special Interests Win in Supreme Court Takeover
Wealthy special interests groups pulled off another victory in a West Virginia Supreme Court race. After spending more than $2 million in support of Beth Walker’s candidacy, these anonymous groups have duplicated the feat Don Blankenship pulled off 12 years ago. More
Issues: Social justiceWV Legislature
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Mar 7, 2016
SB 601 Would Make It Easier to Build Drilling Waste Landfills, Hurt Local SWAs
please call or email your delegates and tell them that SB 601 is bad because the Public Service Commission's oversight is important, and prevents unneeded waste dumps from being built. However, the oil and gas provisions are not the only concern. SB 601 also puts our local and regional solid waste authorities at a competitive disadvantage with the so-called "recycling" facilities that are being deregulated, jeopardizing the public investment in these facilities. Your senators need to hear a similar message. More
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Hoots and Hollers OVEC Jul 13, 2015
Radioactive Drill Cuttings and WV Landfills
In his commentary of the report, Hughes writes, "Wetzel County has had active Marcellus black shale exploration and drilling for at least eight years now. And finally we now have a public report that clearly, unambiguously states that Marcellus shale is radioactive. Of course, geologists have known that for many decades. But, also for decades, there has been great reluctance by the natural gas exploration and production companies to acknowledge that fact in public." More
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Hoots and Hollers OVEC May 22, 2015
World Premiere of Blood on the Mountain Brings Labor, Environmentalists Together
Sierra Club and AFL-CIO, in association with the Workers Unite! Film Festival will co-host a world premiere celebrating release of the extraordinary new documentary feature film, Blood On The Mountain. More
Issues: CoalEnergyHealthMountaintop removalPollutionSocial justiceWest VirginiaWV Legislature
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Mar 10, 2015
Defend Our Water: Urgent! Last Push – Calls Needed on Tank Bill
--Please, right away Tell Speaker Tim Armstead to not roll back water protections and reject SB 423 as-is. E-mail him at tim.armstead@wvhouse.gov or call 304-340-3210. If you can, hand deliver your comments to Speaker Armstead’s office, Room 228M at the State Capitol. You may see some like-minded, water-drinking friends there. More
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Hoots and Hollers OVEC Mar 5, 2015
SB 423: Jailing Those Who Tells Us What’s in Those Tanks?
Check out pages 28 and 29, and the Orwellian-named section §22-30-14 of SB 423: Gutting the Aboveground Storage Tank Bill. More
Issues: Aboveground storage tanksClean electionsFreedom IndustriesHealthregulationSocial justiceWaterWV American WaterWV Legislature
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Mar 4, 2015
Support Clean Water, Come Out: Tank Bill Public Hearing Friday
We urgently need water drinkers to come out to a public hearing on this bill set for Friday, March 6 at 8:30 a.m. in the WV House Chamber. Either come to comment or come to support those who are commenting for clean water. More
Issues: Aboveground storage tanksClean electionsCoalMarcellus shaleMountaintop removalPollutionWest VirginiaWV Legislature
Action Alert OVEC Feb 26, 2015
Take Action on MTR Permits, For Your Health; More
Put your foot down! Come out March 16 to tell DEP: No more mountaintop removal permits, for the sake of out health! Plus more in this OVEC Action Alert. More
Issues: Aboveground storage tanksBakkenClean electionsCoalFrackingMountaintop removalRenewable energyWV Legislature
Hoots and Hollers Janet Keating Feb 15, 2015
Sample Comments on AboveGround Storage Tank Bill
If you need some inspiration to draft your own note to send the committee considering the Aboveground Storage Tank Act , here's a sample letter, as well as e-mail addresses for the committee. More
Issues: Aboveground storage tanksCoalFreedom IndustriesHealthMarcellus shaleWaterWest VirginiaWV American WaterWV Legislature
Press Release Vivian Feb 10, 2015
Citizens Call on Oil and Gas Industry and Politicians to Safeguard WV Waters
Come out Monday evening! Oil and gas industry lobbyists are among those leading the efforts to pass H.B. 2574/S.B. 423, “Amending the Aboveground Storage Tank Act.” This bill would gut last year’s unanimously-passed SB 373, the Above Ground Storage Tank Act, drafted in the wake of the MCHM chemical spill that contaminated the drinking water of about a sixth of the state’s population. More
Issues: Aboveground storage tanksClean electionsFrackingWaterWest VirginiaWV American WaterWV Legislature
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