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Action Alert OVEC Apr 5, 2021
URGENT: Action Needed on Personal Income Tax Plan
Tomorrow the full West Virginia Senate is expected to vote on their amended version of HB 3300, the House-originated plan to eliminate the state personal income tax. More
Issues: WV Legislature
Action Alert OVEC Apr 2, 2021
April Actions Abound
There's still time to act on a few crucial bills in WV and across the Ohio River Valley, so check out our curated list of actions. More
Issues: PollutionWaterWV Legislature
Action Alert OVEC Mar 5, 2021
Action Alert: March Forth
If you're still procrastinating on your spring cleaning like we are, let us guide you through some quick easy actions both local and national so you can look busy and help move the needle for environmental justice! More
Issues: Aboveground storage tanksWaterWV Legislature
Action Alert OVEC Feb 26, 2021
URGENT: Register for the HB 2389 Public Hearing TODAY
Register today, February 26, before 4:00 p.m. to speak at the West Virginia House Judiciary public hearing on HB 2389 regarding water quality rules. More
Issues: PollutionWaterWV Legislature
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Feb 26, 2021
People’s Public Hearing on HB 2598: Compelling Testimony
What do you do when your public servants won't hear from you about the safety of your drinking water? Hold your own public hearing. And call your delegates now! More
Issues: Aboveground storage tanksWV Legislature
Press Release OVEC Feb 25, 2021
People’s Public Hearing: HB 2598
After several public interest groups were denied their requests for the usual public hearing procedure in the House regarding a bill to amend the Aboveground Storage Tank Act, they’ve banded together to hold their own Public Hearing so the voice of citizens can be heard on critical issues that affect them, their families and communities. More
Issues: Aboveground storage tanksPro DemocracyWV Legislature
Action Alert OVEC Feb 24, 2021
Urgent: A People’s Public Hearing on HB 2598
Join us on Friday, February 26 at 8:00 a.m. for a People's Public Hearing on HB 2598 to be held via Zoom. More
Issues: Aboveground storage tanksWV Legislature
Action Alert OVEC Feb 19, 2021
Act Now: Protect Our Drinking Water and Reject HB 2598
The WV Legislature and industry lobbyists have brought back the bill for exemptions to the Aboveground Storage Tank Act as HB 2598. More
Issues: Aboveground storage tanksHealthWaterWV Legislature
Press Release OVEC Feb 5, 2021
Advocates and State Lawmakers Present Solutions for WVDEP Office of Oil and Gas Budget Shortfalls
OVEC and WV Rivers Coalition held a virtual press conference about solutions to recurring budget shortfalls at the WVDEP Office of Oil and Gas. More
Issues: DEPWV Legislature
Press Release OVEC Feb 2, 2021
Press Conference: Legislative Response to WVDEP Oil and Gas Budget/Layoffs
The recurring budget shortfalls for the Office of Oil and Gas affect owners of property on which over 60,000 oil and gas wells are located. This problem needs to be addressed during the upcoming Legislative Session. More
Issues: DEPFossil fuelsWV Legislature
Action Alert OVEC Feb 2, 2021
Action Alert: February Focus
The first month of 2021 lasted a whole year, so here at OVEC we're ready to focus on February and all that we can accomplish for Appalachia together. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubSocial justiceWV Legislature
Action Alert OVEC Jan 28, 2021
Defend Our Democracy: WVCCE
WVCCE has been the recipient of a match grant until January 31, so join us in preserving West Virginia’s democracy and keeping Charleston accountable. More
Issues: Clean electionsPro DemocracyWV Legislature
Action Alert OVEC Nov 12, 2020
Tonight: Let’s Talk Environmental Priorities at WVEC’s Annual Meeting
Join OVEC as we attend the West Virginia Environmental Council's virtual annual meeting tonight, Thursday, Nov. 12, from 6-8 p.m. It's free to attend, but registration is required. More
Issues: Pro DemocracyWV Legislature
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Feb 17, 2020
This Bill is Trash Literally: Please Take Action Today
Hey, here's another great idea, not: Let's give you no say about it and build a mega-dump taking in trash from New Jersey with no tipping fees and with no regulation under the PSC! More
Issues: PollutionWV Legislature
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Feb 6, 2020
Your Rights at Stake: Come to Public Hearing on Anti-Protest Bill
Come protect your right to protest. HB 4615 is un-American. A basic right for Americans is the  right to freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression in the country. More
Issues: Clean electionsFair courtsFrackingPipelinesPro DemocracyWV Legislature
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Feb 5, 2020
We Need You @ Clean Drinking Water Act Press Conference on Feb 6
Calling all water drinkers: Come to the press conference to show WV legislators you want them to pass the Clean Drinking Water Act of 2020. More
Issues: WaterWV Legislature
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Jan 13, 2020
Say No to Removing Regulations of Tanks Near Drinking Water Intakes
The House Energy committee meets Tuesday and is expected to consider this bill. Defend our water! Please contact committee members ow to say, "No breaks for tanks in zones of critical concerns – reject HB4079!" More
Issues: Aboveground storage tanksWV Legislature
Hoots and Hollers Vivian Jan 13, 2020
Come Out to E-Council’s Legislative Kick-Off Blast
Come out for the Legislative Kick-Off Blast and get to know your E-Council lobby team, learn about our 2020 legislative priorities, and meet some new friends! More
Issues: Aboveground storage tanksWV Legislature
Hoots and Hollers Dustin White Feb 20, 2018
Co-Tenancy: Broad Form Deed Déjà Vu
This political maneuvering is to strip people of their rights... Call your WV Delegate today and tell them to say no to HB4268. Don't let history keep repeating itself. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubFrackingMarcellus ShaleRogersville ShaleWV Legislature
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Oct 11, 2017
David McMahon: WV Lawmakers Must Protect Citizens from Fracking Industry’s Legislative Wish List
WV fracking legislation should protect citizens, and should not be dictated by the fracking industry. More
Issues: FrackingHealthPollutionWV Legislature
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