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Hoots and Hollers OVEC Dec 6, 2017
Comments of Dustin White at the Hearing on the Proposed Repeal of the Clean Power Plan
The majority of coal still mined here is metallurgical being shipped overseas. It is not for electric generation. This repeal will not bring back coal jobs in WV. And let’s stop pretending this administration cares what citizens think. More
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Hoots and Hollers OVEC Nov 10, 2017
Register Now: Hearing on Proposed Clean Power Plan Repeal in Charleston; Deadline to Register Nov. 16
You have from now until Nov. 16 to register to comment at the Charleston, WV hearing on the EPA's proposed repel of the Clean Power Plan. Turn out, speak up, as if the futures depend on it! More
Issues: Climate changeCoalEPAHealth
Action Alert Vivian May 8, 2017
May 9 and Beyond: Actions You Can Take No Matter Where You Are
May 9 is one busy day: 853 acre MTR site? No! Pack the hearing room. Fracking waste in Fayette County? No! Come to the courthouse. OVEC on C SPAN live! Showing of Blood on the Mountain. And then there's more in this OVEC Action Alert. More
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Hoots and Hollers Vivian Feb 15, 2017
Oroville Dam Situation Dredges Up Worries Over Coal Sludge Dams
Climate change, unsafe dams, scofflaw coal companies and corporate-controlled government make for ongoing worry. More
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Hoots and Hollers Mary Wildfire Oct 4, 2016
A Day in DC for Climate Justice
During the last week of September, I went to Washington, D.C. with a couple other OVEC members in a trip organized by WV Citizens Action Group. More
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Newsletter OVEC Mar 25, 2015
Winds of Change, Spring 2015
Next in Oil and Gas Industry’s Crosshairs? More
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Hoots and Hollers Vivian Jan 30, 2015
Monday: Attend Public Hearing on Bill That Hurts Renewable Energy
Stand up for renewable energy and energy efficiency. We need you to attend the hearing and publicly speak out in opposition to HB 2004. Come out Monday! More
Issues: Climate changeEnergyEnergy efficiencyEPAPollutionRenewable energy
Hoots and Hollers Dustin White Apr 25, 2013
A Child’s World
     I stood behind the table watching the young girl study the images.  Her long dirty-blonde hair glistened in the sun and swayed in the chilly breeze.  She must have been around eleven or twelve.  She spoke softly to her younger brother.  He was about seven or eight but you could see his young […] More
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Hoots and Hollers Janet Keating Jun 25, 2012
Blame it on Rio
I’m still amazed after all these years the number of times that I seem to be in the right place at the right time. That was the case on June 21st at the UN Conference, Rio+20 in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. I was sitting in the Women’s group office hand-writing some notes for the presentation […] More
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Hoots and Hollers Vivian Jun 20, 2012
OVEC’s ED in Rio
OVEC Executive Director Janet Keating is attending the Rio+20 Earth Summit, going on now in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Keating will present before a panel titled “Organizing for Change: Women’s Tribunals as Civil Society Advocacy.” She’ll present findings from the Central Appalachian Women’s Tribunal on Climate Justice, which was held May 10 in Charleston, W. […] More
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Newsletter OVEC Jun 14, 2010
Winds of Change, June 2010
After at least three years of trying to more effectively protect cemeteries, we finally did it! This year, at OVEC’s urging, citizens and members of the faith community joined forces in lobbying for the passage of HB 4457, which improves cemetery protection throughout West Virginia. More
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