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Hoots and Hollers OVEC Mar 24, 2019
PUBLIC MEETING – Natrium Fractionation Plant
Come out if you can! WVDEP will be holding a public meeting on an air permit modification for the Natrium Extraction and Fractionation Plant Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at 6:00 PM at the New Martinsville City Hall. More details here. More
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Hoots and Hollers Dustin White Mar 8, 2019
REQUEST A PUBLIC HEARING: Natrium Fractionation Plant
WVDEP has issued an air permit notice for Blue Racer's Natrium Fractionation Plant in Marshall County, WV. See more information on the site, permit, and how to request a public hearing here. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubDEPFrackingPetrochemicalsPollution
Hoots and Hollers Robin Blakeman Mar 7, 2019
What’s Up With Ohio River Pollution Control Standards?
Public pressure has so far really helped! Here's how to keep up the pressure, for the sake of your drinking water, for the health of all who depend on the Ohio River. More
Issues: PollutionWater
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Mar 2, 2019
The Legacy of Non-Stick Cookware
Citizens have become human guinea pigs for corporations. Industrial chemicals are generally considered safe until proven hazardous. More
Issues: Pollution
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Jan 29, 2019
Hey EPA, Keep the Mercury Standards!
EPA should not be rolling back mercury standards! Much of the mercury that makes its way into our bodies originates from the burning of coal in power plants. Be on the alert to comment to EPA. More
Issues: CoalPollution
Newsletter OVEC Dec 14, 2018
Winds of Change, Winter, 2018-2019
On the misty morning of September 8, close to the Ohio River’s shores, about 50 people gathered at Heritage Station in Huntington, WV, to rally and march through downtown to cry out for climate action. Our rally that day was one of thousands held worldwide to make a grassroots push for clean energy and sustainable communities. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubMountaintop removalPetrochemicalsPollutionWV American Water
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Nov 27, 2018
This #GivingTuesday: Help Stop the Petrochemical Zombie Attack
ASH would be a grave threat to the drinking water of millions of people. Politicians dreams of locking us into a petrochemical future is flat-out nuts, especially in light of all the grave climate change studies and reports that have emerged in recent months. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubClimate changeFrackingPollution
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Nov 21, 2018
Meet Alex Cole, OVEC’s Newest Staff Member
I come from a place with deep roots. I have spent my short 30 years studying our history and our ecology in an attempt to understand myself and my people. In my role as community organizer, I hope to continue that education and share what I have learned with as many people as possible. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubCoalPollution
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Nov 15, 2018
Plants, Plastics: The Hemp Kind Versus the Toxic Kind
Why build an enormous petrochemical complex in the Ohio Valley to produce toxic plastics? Why risk our health? Let's embark on a major hemp production project to lift l without destroying the land, air and water we depend on! More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubPollution
Action Alert OVEC Nov 5, 2018
The Climate is Ripe for Change: Vote Tomorrow. Come Out Tonight. Support Minden. Act.
Vote: If you haven't voted already, please get thee to the polls on November 6. And every Monday in November, come find out about the Devil We Know. And be sure to make comments for Minden by Nov. 13. More
Issues: Climate changePollutionSocial justiceWater
Press Release OVEC Oct 4, 2018
Groups Applaud Progress on Ohio River Protections
Your comments worked--for now! We will need to continue to let ORSANCO know we what it to maintain its role in pollution control standards for the Ohio River. More
Issues: CoalFrackingMountaintop removalPipelinesPollutionWater
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Oct 2, 2018
Sign-On Letter: “Innovation Valley: A Cleaner, Better Vision for the Ohio River Valley” #NoASH
WV, OH, and PA grassroots groups are circulating a sign-on letter to our states' governors calling for an alternative future in the Ohio River Valley, one that is not based on extraction and harm. Deadline to sign is Oct. 19 More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubFrackingPollutionWater
Press Release OVEC Oct 1, 2018
Ohio River Advocates to Governors: Reject Roll-Back of Clean Water Protections
In the lead-up to an October 4 vote that could overturn 70 years of regional collaboration to reduce pollution in the Ohio River, advocates are urging regional governors to reject weakening clean water protections to the river, which is the source of drinking water for more than five million people. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubFrackingMountaintop removalPipelinesPollutionWater
Hoots and Hollers Robin Blakeman Sep 28, 2018
Huntington Mayor Asks ORSANCO to Maintain Its Ohio River Pollution Control Standards
Huntington, WV Mayor Steve Williams has sent a statement to ORSANCO commissioners, asking that they not abdicate their PSC role iwithin the Ohio River watershed. You can comment too! More
Issues: PollutionWater
Ohio River
Hoots and Hollers Robin Blakeman Sep 26, 2018
Act Now: Final Push to Keep Ohio River Pollution Control Standards Intact
Next week ORSANCO meets in Fayette Co. and may try to ditch its Ohio River pollution control standards efforts. Speak up, and contact your gov, too. Here's how. More
Issues: FrackingMountaintop removalPollutionWater
Newsletter OVEC Sep 19, 2018
Winds of Change, Fall, 2018
On June 27, the Keeper of the National Register of Historic Places announced its decision to restore the site of the 1921 Battle of Blair Mountain labor conflict to the National Register, which should help protect the site from mountaintop removal coal mining. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubClean electionsMountaintop removalPipelinesPollutionWater
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Sep 17, 2018
Elizabeth Catte’s Talk: Petrochem Wrong for Appalachia’s Future
Politicians promoting a massive petrochemical complex for our region would be getting the future of Appalachia all wrong if they have their way. Support those already living in Cancer Alleys in LA and TX and get up, get active right here in WV! More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubPollutionSocial justiceWater
Hoots and Hollers Mary Wildfire Sep 10, 2018
Review of Amity and Prosperity: One Family and the Fracturing of America by Eliza Griswold
Read this book if you want a close-up look at how state and federal agencies work, and what happens to those adversely affected by fracking. More
Issues: CoalFrackingHealthMarcellus ShalePollution
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Aug 20, 2018
DEP Public Hearing on State Plan for the Control of Air Pollution from Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
Here are comments you can use to draft your own. The hearing and comment deadline are today, August 20. More
Issues: FrackingPollution
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