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Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Nov 2, 2021
Carbon Capture is Not a Solution to the Climate Crisis
It is not just the idea of spending billions on CCUS, an unproven technology, that is ridiculous. CCUS is not a solution to mitigating climate change. More
Issues: Climate change
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Sep 23, 2021
Dying of Dioxin
The possible build-up of a petrochemical hub in the Ohio River Valley might lead to even more dioxin exposures for local residents. More
Issues: Pollution
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Sep 21, 2021
Fact Sheet: Carbon Capture and Storage and Carbon Capture and Utilization
CCS is no false solution to slowing climate change. Investing in renewable energy is a better option for the environment and human health. More
Issues: Climate changePipelines
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Aug 25, 2021
The Myth of Carbon Capture Technology
CCS cannot address the climate crisis. It is being used to evade investing in proven technologies like solar and wind energy and energy efficiency. More
Issues: Climate changeFossil fuelsFrackingPollution
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Aug 9, 2021
The Hand that Rocks the Cradle Can Save the World
Vandana Shiva has said, “We are either going to have a future where women lead the way to make peace with the Earth or we are not going to have a human future at all.” More
Issues: Climate changePetrochemicalsPipelinesPollution
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Jul 23, 2021
The Climate Crisis We Can No Longer Afford to Ignore
The deadly climate crisis is worsening. We cannot afford “all of the above” as energy options. Greta Thunberg has repeatedly said, “I want you to act as if the house is on fire, because it is.” More
Issues: Climate changePipelines
Blue Racer Natrium
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik May 25, 2021
Fertility on the Brink
We are paying for the convenience of single-use plastics and untested commercial chemical compounds with our health, including our fertility. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubHealthPetrochemicals
emissions from coal-fired power plant
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik May 24, 2021
Carbon Capture Technology: Just Another False Solution
Carbon capture technology is a diversion used by industry and governments to avoid doing what needs to be done to actually address the climate crisis in a timely way. More
Issues: Climate change
close up of a dandelion
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Mar 23, 2021
Man’s War on Nature
This spring, call a truce on the war against nature and put the poisons away. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubPetrochemicals
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Feb 26, 2021
Canada’s Destructive Tar Sands
Like any fossil fuel, tar sands oil destroys air, water, and land, as it is extracted and refined for use. Investors are now questioning dumping billions of dollars into tar sands "development." More
Issues: Climate changePipelinesPollution
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Feb 22, 2021
The Truth About Polystyrene
Given the toxicity of polystyrene from cradle to grave, isn’t it time to stop packaging our foods and beverages in this polymer? More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubPetrochemicals
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Feb 8, 2021
ALEC Robs Frontline Communities of Their Ability to Dissent       
Frontline communities experience the worst impacts from extractive industries, and the politicians supposed to write laws to protect human health are instead puppets dancing for multinational corporations. More
Issues: FrackingPipelinesPollutionSocial justice
hydrogen atom
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Jan 13, 2021
The Myth of Green Hydrogen
We've seen an enormous surge of articles proclaiming the benefits of "green" hydrogen. You guessed, it there's a major fossil fuel PR company behind much of the media blitz. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubClimate change
NOAA arctic ice image
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Dec 20, 2020
There’s Trouble at the North Pole
Even though many if us in the lower 48 may give the most to thought to the region right now, what happens at the North Pole affects the rest of our planet. More
Issues: Climate change
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Nov 19, 2020
Climate Change and Our Oceans 
  When we talk about climate change, we often fail to recognize the role that our oceans play in the bio-chemical cycles of the planet. We know from biology class that the planet is made up of spheres. The lithosphere includes the planet’s surface from the mountain ranges to the valleys. The biosphere includes all […] More
Issues: Climate change
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Oct 26, 2020
Incineration Isn’t a Solution to Our Waste Problems
There is no "throw away" and incineration does not equal a solution to plastic and other pollution. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubPetrochemicalsPollution
Fracking Rig
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Aug 31, 2020
Fracked Gas is NOT a Bridge Fuel
We must create the political will to move away from an industry that has controlled our nation and the world with a narrative that is not only dangerous, but lacks scientific facts. More
Issues: Climate changeFracking
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Aug 17, 2020
Why We Cannot Recycle Our Way Out of the Plastic Mess
Unlike steel or aluminum, plastic cannot be recycled over and over again. Many plastic formulations can't be recycled even once. Much of the plastic packaging we encounter is unnecessary. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubPetrochemicals
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Jul 14, 2020
Frack Waste Barges: Another Threat to Ohio River Valley Residents’ Drinking Water Supply
Frack waste barges on the Ohio River?! On August 7, join a virtual public haring to let the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers know what you think. More
Issues: FrackingPollutionWater
Hoots and Hollers Randi Pokladnik Apr 20, 2020
It Is Time for a New Normal
For the first time in decades, the Earth is speaking to us at a time when we might actually be able to hear it. We are getting a wake-up call from a microscopic virus, whether we chose to hear that call remains to be seen. More
Issues: Climate changePollutionSocial justice
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