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Hoots and Hollers Bill Hughes Feb 10, 2017
Shale Gas Pads Do Not Belong in Valleys (AKA Hollers)
A recent essay of mine described the Fracking Re-Invasion of Wetzel County,10 years after it began. When shale gas drilling started here in Wetzel County WV in 2007, it had already been causing problems for a few years right across the state line to the north, in Green and Washington counties in Pennsylvania. (12 years […]More
Issues: FrackingHealthMarcellus shalePollution
Hoots and Hollers Vivian Feb 10, 2017
Air, Noise, and Light Pollution and Fracking
In May 2014, Dr. Michael McCawley, of WVU’s School of Public Health submitted a study titled “Air, Noise, and Light Monitoring Results for Assessing Environmental Impacts of Horizontal Gas Well Drilling Operations (ETD‐10 Project)” to WV DEP’s Division of Air Quality.More
Issues: FrackingHealth
GalleryHoots and Hollers Bill Hughes Jan 28, 2017
Problem Location for a Fracked Gas Well Pad in Wetzel County West Virginia
A typical fracking well pad in a bad location; creates problems for people living nearby, for the whole neighborhood.More
Issues: FrackingHealthMarcellus shale
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Jan 28, 2017
EQT Contract with PA Landowners: Stops Landowners’ Filing of Any Nuisance Lawsuits
Wonder what an EQT "Easement Agreement" contains? Check this out. Don't sign anything with a gas company until you have consulted a lawyer!More
Issues: FrackingHealth
Deep Shale GalleryHoots and Hollers Bill Hughes Jan 28, 2017
An Earnest Search for Predictability in These Troubled Political Times: Silica
During these trying times of turbulent turmoil with all the alternate facts and flexible versions of reality decreed in the new political realm, we can sometimes become unhinged. We then seek some dependable experiences to ground us, and provide a modicum of stability. We yearn for consistency and predictability. Well, guess what?! I think that […]More
Issues: FrackingHealth
Hoots and Hollers Pam Nixon Nov 26, 2016
Online Public Meetings: Tell EPA to Write Protective Aboveground Storage Tank Rule
EPA needs to hear loud and clear that the Agency should move as quickly as possible to write and adopt a strong rule to prevent chemical spills from aboveground storage tanks. Come to an online meeting: November 29, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. eastern time, or December 1, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. eastern time. Info hear on what to say. More
Issues: Aboveground storage tanksHealth
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Nov 15, 2016
Review: Last Child in the Woods
Louv chocks his insightful book with remedies from the possible, imaginative, and, fortunately, to things happening to help us overcome the gaps in American life between nature and humans. OVEC's recently retired ED is mentioned in the book several times.More
Issues: Health
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Nov 8, 2016
Hot #Fracking Mess: Bill Hughes’ Presentation on Shale Waste Disposal
Hot #Fracking Mess: Bill Hughes' Presentation on Shale Waste Disposal with YouTube video and pdf of slides used in the presentation.More
Issues: FrackingHealthMarcellus shalePollution
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Nov 3, 2016
Your Donations to OVEC on #GivingTuesday Will Keep on Giving
The results of your #GivingTuesday donation will sprout seeds and greens, build soil and fertilize young minds. You’ll be helping to connect kids with nature, and that’s so important to developing environmental awareness.More
Issues: HealthSustainability
Hoots and Hollers Vivian Oct 3, 2016
Sherwood Compressor Station Meeting Oct. 13: Comment Now
At 6 on Oct. 13, DEP hosts a public meeting on the proposed Sherwood Compressor Station, which could be built near Smithburg in Doddridge County, WV. This compressor station would be one component of Columbia Gas’ larger Mountaineer XPress Pipeline project, which involves 165 miles of various diameter pipeline, three new compressor stations (the other two in Calhoun and Jackson counties), modifications to three existing compressor stations and one regulating station. More
Issues: FrackingHealthPipelines
Hoots and Hollers Robin Sep 8, 2016
FERC’s “Less-Than-Significant” = “Very Significant” to the Rest of Us
Less-than-significant impact? You be the judge. Each of these pipelines will require compressor stations to either be built or expanded. Compressor stations can be nuisances in the communities where they are located because of the intense and constant noise and air pollutants emitted on a regular basis. They can also be a public safety hazard in that emissions of odorless and colorless, but toxic and highly explosive gas can occur.More
Issues: FrackingHealthPipelines
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Sep 8, 2016
NAS Accepting Nominations for Study on MTR and Health
From NAS: The Committee on Earth Resources of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (the Academies) seeks nominations for a new, ad hoc Committee on Potential Human Health Effects of Surface Coal Mining Operations in Central Appalachia. Learn more here and find link to submit your nomination.More
Issues: HealthMountaintop removal
Hoots and Hollers Robin Sep 6, 2016
Resources for Info on #Fracking Health Effects
A near-constant stream of studies released by scientists and health professionals indicate major health problems for folks who live fracking-related activities.More
Issues: FrackingHealthMarcellus shalePipelinesPollutionRogersville Shale
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Aug 9, 2016
Comment Now: Permits for Compressor Stations for Proposed MXPipeline
“Once the comment period expires, if we don’t receive comments, we issue the permit,” DEP's Jerry Williams told the Exponent Telegram. “A public meeting may be held if the DAQ director determines that significant public interest has been expressed.”More
Issues: FrackingHealthMarcellus shalePipelines
Press Release OVEC Jun 24, 2016
Drop-off locations in Huntington, Barboursville for flood-relief supplies
The City of Huntington and the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC) have established drop-off locations for supplies that will be distributed to flood victims in West Virginia. More
Issues: Climate changeHealthWV flood
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Jun 3, 2016
Bike for Bill: Fracking Awareness Cross-Country Tour On Now
We are calling a cross-country bike trek the Bike for Bill because funds raised will support Bill Hughes' most excellent outreach on fracking impacts here in West Virginia. More
Issues: FrackingHealthMarcellus shalePipelines
Hoots and Hollers OVEC May 19, 2016
Ongoing #RubberStampRebellion
An update on the OVEC crew's participation in Beyond Extreme Energy's (BXE) ongoing #RubberStampRebellion, with shots or the skit in front of the US International Trade Commission.More
Issues: Climate changeEnergyEnergy efficiencyFrackingHealthMarcellus shaleMountaintop removalRenewable energyTransition economy
Hoots and Hollers Natalie Thompson May 17, 2016
Sustainability Fair to Include Screening of Cowspiracy at OVEC Office
Come out 10- 4 this Saturday, May 21, for the second annual Huntington Sustainability Fair in Old Central City. Then come up the street for a screening of Cowspiracy at the OVEC office. All free.More
Issues: Energy efficiencyHealthRenewable energySustainabilityTransition economy
Hoots and Hollers OVEC Apr 27, 2016
Vote For the Issues that Matter to You
Vote in the primaries, to help choose the lawmakers who will represent you. Then vote again (right now!) to choose the issues that you want to fight for in the coming years, for a better West Virginia.More
Issues: Clean electionsHealthSocial justiceTransition economy
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