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Do You Know Someone Affected by Fracking?

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Do you know someone who has been affected by fracking? Have you personally been impacted by oil/gas and petrochemical development in your own community?

The Ohio Health Project, a program sponsored by Faith Communities Together for a Sustainable Future (FaCT) Ohio, has developed a new resource for those whose lives have been disrupted by shale gas development called Sharing-Support Circles.

As part of the program, trained facilitators will help participants support each other by sharing their stories in small groups and discussing ways to cope with physical and emotional challenges related to extractive industry. Additional resources will also be provided to help individuals manage some of the issues they may be facing.

There is no cost for participants. The Ohio Health Project, with financial support from grants and Faith Communities Together for a Sustainable Future (FaCT), is providing this program free of charge.

Are you be interested in participating or know someone who might benefit from this program? Reach out to OHP directly at ohiohealthregistry@gmail.com or fill out this online form to get started.



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