Call Sen. Capito TODAY! No PFAS In Your Water.

Water pollution from toxic chemicals, known as PFAS, is a big problem in WV.  

Senator Shelly Moore Capito is working to pass the ‘America’s Water Infrastructure Act’ soon, but it needs to be changed to protect WV from this dangerous pollution.

Can you call Sen. Capito today and ask her to regulate PFAS in this important bill?

Dial 855-969-5216. 

When you reach the office, give your name and address, and ask Sen. Capito to protect WV by passing legislation to regulate toxic PFAS chemicals under the Clean Water Act.

Long-term exposure to PFAS chemicals has been associated with health problems, including liver malfunction, birth defects, thyroid disease, weakened immunity and certain cancers. We need to pass legislation to set enforceable regulations to limit the amount of PFAS in drinking water, make polluters pay to clean up the worst contamination, and take other steps to finally address the public health threat of PFAS. Call Sen. Capito and tell her to support this important issue.

Senator Shelly Moore Capito

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