Featured Events

May 27 - 29: Water Workshop: Fostering advance in water resource protection and crisis communications; Lessons learned from recent disasters. Details here.

May 30: 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Safe Water System Orientation Training

June 15: Save the Date: This is Not Your Grandparents’ Oil & Gas Industry. On the evening of June 15, OVEC will present a free public forum on horizontal drilling AKA fracking AKA “unconventional” oil and gas drilling. This forum is especially designed for folks in Wayne, Cabell and other counties under which lies the Rogersville Shale. Join us the Westmoreland Women’s Club, in Huntington, WV. We’ll bring you more details soon. 

Featured Petitions

PBS To The Contrary Segement on Mountaintop Removal with OVEC’s Maria Gunnoe and Janet Keating

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