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Newlsetter OVEC Dec 25, 2016
Winds of Change, Winter 2016-2017
Now is a time when none of us can afford to remain seated or silent. We must all stand up to be counted. More
Issues: FrackingMountaintop removalPipelinesRenewable energyRogersville Shale

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Newlsetter OVEC Mar 8, 2014
Winds of Change, March 2014
Don’t drink the water. Don’t shower. Don’t cook with it or wash your clothes. There’s half a century gone. Gone most of us who went to Elk Grade School, gone, too. Gone the white frame homes, the small brick duplexes, the school we marched to for our polio shots. Gone the quick-tongued streams, gone the valleys, filled with mountaintop, gone from the fog-draped skyscape. It’s licorice scented air, not sun-dried cotton sheets, licorice wafting from the tap. More
Issues: EnergyFrackingHealthMountaintop removalPollutionWater
Newlsetter OVEC Dec 1, 2013
Winds of Change, December 2013
Perhaps those buried in the Jarrell Family Cemetery can rest a little easier now. In August, family members of the deceased filed a lawsuit in Boone County Court aimed at repairing and protecting the cemetery from further desecration. More
Issues: Cemetery protectionCoalPollutionRenewable energyWater
Newlsetter OVEC Sep 3, 2013
Winds of Change, September 2013
On the lovely summer evening of July 26, about 80 OVEC members and supporters, many pictured above, gathered to picnic at Coonskin Park in Charleston, WV. We venture to say that everyone had fun, enjoying meeting friends old and new. Thanks to everyone who came out. More
Issues: DEPHealthMountaintop removalPollutionWater
Newlsetter OVEC Jun 3, 2013
Winds of Change, June 2013
Victory: Supreme Court Pilot Program Now Permanent! In 2012, Allen Loughry became the first and only candidate for state Supreme Court to take advantage of public financing of his campaign, using a pilot program established thanks to our WV Citizens for Clean Elections coalition. Remarkably, Loughry won the election, defeating the politically powerful Tish Chafin. More
Issues: Clean electionsFrackingMountaintop removalPollution
Newlsetter OVEC Mar 21, 2013
Winds of Change, March 2013
We reached a legal agreement in November 2012, whereby Patriot Coal will immediately begin phasing out mountaintop removal and other large-scale surface mining. Patriot is the second-largest producer of surface-mined coal in West Virginia. More
Issues: Climate changeMountaintop removalPollutionRenewable energyWater
Newlsetter OVEC Dec 21, 2012
Winds of Change, December 2012
Over the 15 years that OVEC has been fighting mountaintop removal, we’ve heard members who live near MTR talk about their health concerns. Today, a growing number of peerreviewed, published scientific studies link living near mountaintop removal to higher rates of many illnesses including cancer, birth defects, and lung and cardiovascular disease, as well as to lower life expectancies.More
Issues: HealthMarcellus shaleMountaintop removalPollutionWater
Newlsetter OVEC Sep 17, 2012
Winds of Change, September 2012
How would our region be different if OVEC had never existed? Let’s start by looking at the Huntington Tri-State area (Huntington, West Virginia; Ashland, Kentucky; Ironton, Ohio).More
Issues: CoalMountaintop removalPollutionRenewable energyWater
Newlsetter OVEC Jul 11, 2012
Winds of Change, July 2012
No matter how it is mined, the coal we burn for electricity is a driving force of global climate disruption. However, mountaintop-removal-mined coal disrupts and destroys entire communities and ecosystems even before it is burned.More
Issues: CoalEnergyMarcellus shalePollutionSocial justice
Newlsetter OVEC Mar 23, 2012
Winds of Change, March 2012
In addition to coal and gas, West Virginia possesses another extremely valuable resource: water. In fact, the state owns the water in all streams and rivers within the state as well as several rivers, such as the Ohio, that border the state.More
Issues: FrackingMountaintop removalPollutionWater
Newlsetter OVEC Dec 1, 2011
Winds of Change, December 2011
On September 26, the US House of Representatives Natural Resources Committee, Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources, held an “oversight field hearing” in Charleston, WV.More
Issues: Mountaintop removalPollutionSludge Safety ProjectSocial justiceWater
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