Comments of Dustin White at the Hearing on the Proposed Repeal of the Clean Power Plan

Hi. I am Dustin White with the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition. I am an 11th generation West Virginian from the southern so called “coalfields” and son of a coal miner – god rest his soul.

Welcome to this warm November day in West Virginia. When I was a kid, we would have had snow by now. Hello, climate change.

It’s a shame that here we are again, debating a rule that was already created by citizen engagement with citizen input. I have provided comments at past Clean Power Plan hearings and I’m not too sure what else to say about it. And I won’t sit here are repeat what has already been said by my friends and colleagues.

Mostly, this hearing is a sham. The CPP roll-back is based on a myth of bringing back coal jobs. After all, that is why you’re in West Virginia, right? To perpetuate the myth that this administration will bring back the coal industry. This roll-back only brings false hope to a region that has already been ravaged environmentally and economically by extractive fossil fuel companies. But when it comes to coal jobs in Appalachia, this roll-back does nothing!

While it is true WV gets most of our electric from coal, most of that coal is coming from the Midwest, not Appalachia. The majority of coal still mined here is metallurgical being shipped overseas. It is not for electric generation. This repeal will not bring back coal jobs in WV. And let’s stop pretending this administration cares what citizens think.

Finally, it is appalling that this administration doesn’t care about the lives this roll-back puts in jeopardy due to pollution and climate change disasters. Only thing this administration and EPA’s Pruitt seem to care about are CEO bank accounts. It’s the only thing this roll-back helps.

These days, it seems like “EPA” stands for Energy Propaganda Agency rather than the Environmental Protection Agency.

So, in a closing recap, his hearing – it’s a shame, it’s a sham, and this administration frankly just doesn’t give a damn.

Thank you.

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