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GalleryHoots and Hollers Bill Hughes Jan 28, 2017
Problem Location for a Fracked Gas Well Pad in Wetzel County West Virginia
A typical fracking well pad in a bad location; creates problems for people living nearby, for the whole neighborhood.More
Tags: FrackingHealthMarcellus shale
Deep Shale GalleryGalleryHoots and Hollers Bill Hughes Jan 8, 2017
Happy New Year from O & G: #Fracking-Related Traffic Woes in Wetzel
Big #fracking trucks blocking roads in nasty weather and pummeling infrastructure in all weather. Just another day in the Wetzel County gas fields.More
Tags: FrackingMarcellus shalePollution
GalleryHoots and Hollers Bill Hughes Nov 22, 2016
Water, Old Rusty Tanks and a Not-So-Trustworthy Industry
Regulation? Who needs it? We can trust industry to maintain above ground storage tanks and protect our water. Of course we can...More
Tags: Aboveground storage tanksMarcellus shalePollutionWater
This shot was taken by a photographer with the Huntington newspaper. Used with permission.
Gallery OVEC Dec 1, 2015
Celebrating a Milestone: We Own Our Office Space
OVEC’s Press Release on Ribbon Cutting Ceremony In February 2015, OVEC purchased the building in which we had been renting office space for 17 years. It has been a long time coming to finally find a great space at a decent price, in an economically sound location and in an up-and-coming area in Huntington, WV: […]More
Tags: Marcellus shaleMountaintop removalRogersville ShaleSocial justiceTransition economy
Gallery Vivian Oct 23, 2015
Masseyopoly: The Game of Mine Safety and Environmental Compliance. And oh yeah, making money.More
Tags: CoalMine safety
Gallery OVEC Jan 31, 2003
Overweight Coal Trucks
Photos by Dave Cooper  More
Tags: Coal
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