#Fracking #Pipelines in Your Neighborhood: Intro to a Dirty Picture Collection

Comments are due by April 24, 2017 on the draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) for the proposed Mountaineer Xpress Pipeline (MXP). Find info on how you can comment here. Find out just some of the reasons why you should comment by checking out the #Fracking #Pipelines in Your Neighborhood series of blogs.

The DEIS, prepared by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), attempts to present FERC’s idealistic picture of what might happen during construction over the length of the pipeline. 

This collection of photographs in the series, show what actually did occur, during real time, right here in Wetzel County, during the 11-month-long (January – November 2016) construction of the FERC-approved 30-inch Ohio Valley Connector pipeline (“reclamation” yet to be completed). This particular project is “only” 30+ miles long and the pipeline laid was a smaller diameter. MXP is proposed to include about 165 miles of new 36-inch diameter pipeline,  three new compressor stations, plus changes to existing pipelines and existing pipelines.

This blog series details the community and environmental impacts and inconveniences which were actually experienced by local residents. I took all photos between February and October 2016 (except if otherwise noted). All photos shows scenes directly related to the pipeline’s construction.

I delivered the photos in this blog series, along with comments, to FERC at one of its public comment meetings on the MXP DEIS.

Here are the blogs in the series:

#Fracking #Pipelines in Your Neighborhood: Traffic — What a Clustertruck!

#Fracking #Pipelines in Your Neighborhood: Dirty Diesel Trucks

#Fracking #Pipelines in Your Neighborhood: Dusty Roads

#Fracking #Pipelines in Your Neighborhood: Muddy Stream

#Fracking #Pipelines in Your Neighborhood: Muddy Roads

#Fracking #Pipelines in Your Neighborhood: Burning Trees and Pipeline Trash

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