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Just What Does DEP Stand For?

March 9, 2004
Photos by Abe Mwaura

March 9, 2005 was DEP day at the State Capitol. The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection set up booths under the Capitol's golden dome to showcase its work to state Delegates and Senators.

We knew that the DEP would not be presenting the whole story, so we decided to come up to the State Capitol ourselves and present the truth about the destruction DEP is permitting to to our communities, mountains, forests, streams--and our futures.

DEP Secretary Stephanie Timmermeyer, notorious for speaking at "Friends of Coal" meetings about the need to speed up coal companies' applications for permits, apparently got wind of what we were up to, so she gathered her employees and told them not to answer questions about mountaintop removal.  She apparently also was supposed to be interviewed on Hoppy Kercheval's radio program, which broadcasts from under the golden dome during the legislative session. She didn't appear for her interview!  Given our last run-in with her, we reckon she just didn't want to see us. Apparently, she does not want to be held accountable for her actions.

Please note that there are many fine people working at the DEP, people who want to help protect West Virginia's people and environment. OVEC staff and volunteers had some great conversations with DEP staff about our shared concerns. Hats off to these fine folks who have to work in a badly  politicized agency! And then there are apparently some who are concerned only with advancing and safeguarding their careers.  Those are the ones who run when the people they are supposed to be working for show up.

Michael enthusiastically corrects DEP acronym

Scott and John patiently await the arrival of Stephanie Timmermeyer

Julian discusses the finer points of environmental
protection with a staff person from the DEP

Winnie challenges DEP staff to perform their jobs

Winnie and Julian consult on how things are going

Looking for Timmermeyer

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