Wind River Mine Site, Boone County, WV

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  1. The pictures on here look great, looks like the company did an excellent job reclaiming the mine sites. the very young pines are green (not yellow dead looking)and will grow like crazy within a year. I know the guy that mined wind river he is a veteran and good guy and is currently out of mining (retired). DEP are dragging their feet over the Phase Release because of a few little permit fees that wasn’t paid. This site should of been in full phase 3 release years ago.. and has ZERO water issues.. If anything he deserves a mining reclamation award!

    1. The pictures look great? Reclamation award? Surely you jest. To date there has yet to be any science that backs up the industries claim that reclamation works. The Appalachian forest is some of the most bio-diverse, second only to the Amazon, and this is what it has been reduced to. There is no topsoil. Eventually those young pines will run out of dirt to root to. Not to mention more often than not, planting pines makes the ground more acidic and isn’t the best for most species in Appalachian forests. The photos might “look” great but everything you see is cosmetic at best. And that’s even a generous description. Also, your claim there are zero water issues is a farce because there has yet to be any mine, active or reclaimed, that does not discharge things like selenium or high conductivity, etc. And the erosion lines in those pictures are quite visible. I implore you to spend some time in an untouched area of Appalachian forest and get to know the bio-diversity that has been destroyed on these mine sites. At the very least you could read up on the science. Have a wonderful day.

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