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Protesters take anti-Bush message to MU campus
Union workers, students rebuff president; Huntington mayor addresses anti-Bush rally

Quarantining dissent: How the Secret Service protects Bush from free speech

Bush's 7th Visit to West Virginia

April 2, 2003
Photos by Janet Fout and Vivian Stockman

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You Name It: Environment. Jobs. Education. Budget. Health Care. Peace. Truth. The Future. Bush is Attacking Them All!

Coalfield residents and other environmentalists were alone on Jan. 22, 2002 when we protested Bush's visit to West Virginia. On July 4 of 2002, peace activists swelled our ranksBy October 31, 2002 we were joined by more peace activists and civil rights protectors in protesting yet another Bush visit to our state.  For Bush's April 2, 2004 visit, organized labor, joined environmentalists and peace activists in putting out the call to say No! to a host of Bush policies.  Despite the rain and cold, about 1000 people came out to voice their displeasure with Bush as he visited Huntington, W. Va.  

Once again, only Bush supporters--a smattering of less than 100 people--were allowed along his motorcade route. Heaven forbid that Bush should see the throng of people angry with so many of his policies! 


A crowd taking one whole side of a city street and stretching at least a
block and a half begins to march to the venue where Bush is to speak. 

 Starting the march.


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