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Marshall Action
for Peaceful Solutions

Huntington peace
vigil honors fallen

Global Protests Mark
Iraq War Anniversary

A Year of War That Made the World a More Dangerous Place

A year of reversals

The Momentum of the Movement

More than 1 Million People Protest U.S. Invasion and Occupation ofIraq

Around the World, Repudiation of Iraq Invasion

A War's Woeful Results


One-Year Anniversary of the Invasion & Occupation of Iraq

March20, 2004
Photos by Vivian Stockman

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Wall of Remembrance in Charleston; Candlelight Vigil In Huntington

OVEC volunteers, board members and staff joined with peace groups in Charleston and Huntington to mark the one-year anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Both events sought to remember the over 570 American soldiers killed since the invasion began. 

Also on many minds were the over 10,000 Iraqi civilians killed since the U.S. invaded, the lies of the Bush administration which led to Congress' allowing the war, the cost of the war, the staggering national debt, Bush's war on the environment and the general, debilitating  malaise the country is experiencing under Bush's mis-leadership

In Charleston, outside the Town Center Mall, the WV Patriots for Peace displayed soldiers' name and hometowns on the tragically ever-growing "Wall of Remembrance."  Some students from Riverside High and WVU Tech performed a skit illustrating how war destroys culture, freedom, opportunity, the truth and so much more that is valuable and good about humanity.  

In Huntington, to remember the dead and call for an end to the war, students from Marshall Action for Peaceful Solutions and White Rose, as well as community members, lit 570 candles and read the names of the dead in a moving vigil. 


One year since the invasion began: In Charleston, WV Patriots for Peace displays
the Wall of Remembrance, with over 570 names of dead American soldiers. 

The Wall.

The Wall.

The Wall.

Students drew chalk outlines of bodies on
the sidewalks, to represent the dead.

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