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Spadaro's Award Acceptance Speech--A Thank You to Us All

Spring Creek Natural Foods Press Release




Feb. 17, 2004
Photos by Vivian Stockman

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West Virginia Environmental Council's 15th Annual E-Day!

Kudos again this year to E-Council's Denise Poole for organizing another  fabulous E-Day! at the State Capitol. 

Since 1990, E-Council has held E-Day! to focus attention on the state's environmental groups and issues, and to support citizen lobbying on current legislation.

E-Council president Fred Sampson and lead lobbyist Don Garvin presented this year awards:

Laura Forman Grassroots Environmental Activist... Freda Williams 

Linda Schnautz Environmental Courage... Patty Sebok

Green Entrepreneur Spring Creek Natural Foods

Chuck Chambers Public Service... Jack Spadaro

Mother Jones Award Janet Fout

Congratulations all!

WV Citizen Action Group sponsored Deposit Day during E-Day! to highlight the Bottle Bill

After E-Day! people flocked to an evening reception and benefit at Perfater's Law Office in Charleston. 

On their website, the WV Department of Environmental Protection, wrote about E-Day!: 

Environmentalists from across the state set up shop at the Capitol to highlight environmental issues that affect West Virginia.

DEP Cabinet Secretary Stephanie R. Timmermeyer took note of the myriad displays at the Legislature.

"I appreciate citizens' time and effort to bring attention to the issues that affect the DEP," said Timmermeyer. "There are a lot of familiar faces in these environmental organizations that put a tremendous amount of work into protecting the environment. They provide insight into West Virginia's environmental strengths and weaknesses, not only during the Legislative session, but throughout the year."

Then Timmermeyer went off to rubber stamp a few more thousand acres of mountaintop massacre and stream destruction.  But we digress--back to E-Day! See the photos below. 

OVEC's Janet Fout and Abe Mwaura at OVEC's E-Day! table.
WV E-Council gave Janet their highest honor, the Mother Jones Award.

Coal River Mountain Watch's (left to right) Judy Bonds, Freda Williams and
Patty Sebok at CRMW's E-Day! table. WV E-Council honored Freda with
the Laura Forman Grassroots Environmental Activist Award and Parry
with the Linda Schnautz Environmental Courage Award. 

WV Citizen Action Group's Linda Mallet (third from left)
at CAG's E-Day table, promoting the Bottle Bill 

WV Citizen Action Group's Julie Archer (center) at CAG's E-Day! table.

WV E-Council's lead lobbyists Don Garvin
checks in with Sierra Club's Anna Sale.

Allan Tweedle is an E-Council lobbyist who is also working to
establish a WV chapter of Republicans For Environmental Protection.

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