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Citizens for Clean Elections hosts Ms. Cecilia Martinez, Executive Director of The Reform Institute, as an ambassador for Clean Elections

August 3-5, 2003
Photos by Janet Fout

From August 3-5th, the Citizens for Clean Elections hosted Ms. Cecilia Martinez, Executive Director of The Reform Institute, as an ambassador for Clean Elections. Ms. Martinez, an expert on the Arizona Clean Elections Act, was instrumental in the implementation of the Arizona law. In 2002, Arizona voters elected the first ever Clean Elections governor, Janet Napolitano. Ms. Martinezs visit began with a Sunday night reception in Charleston attended by representatives of Citizens for Clean Elections. On Monday afternoon, Ms. Martinez provided sterling testimony before the Joint Sub-Committee B of Judiciary, currently studying the West Virginia Clean Elections Act (which they renamed The Election Funding Reform Act). That evening at the Cabell County Library in Huntington, Ms. Martinez and Janet Fout (OVECs Co-director and Coordinator of Citizens for Clean Elections) spoke at the first Democracy Rescue forum sponsored by Citizens for Clean Elections and the Huntington League of Women Voters. Ms. Martinez made a wonderful lasting impression on all who heard her speak. Shes a terrific ambassador for Clean Elections and democracy!

Ms.Cecilia Martinez greets Helaine Rotkin of Common Cause at a
reception in Charleston, WV, sponsored by the Citizens for Clean Elections. 

Ms. Martinez addresses the reception attendees.

Secretary of State Joe Manchin speaks about West Virginia's
implementation of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA).

John Welbourn, a Libertarian (foreground) enjoys some of the good food provided
at the reception, while others learn more about Arizona's Clean Election Act.

Debbie Wills (Kanawha Valley Blacklung and Disabled Workers' Association) and
Abe Mwuara, a new OVEC staff person, listen intently to Ms. Martinez's remarks. 

WV state Senator Steve Harrison enjoys a moment with Ms. Cecilia Martinez after her testimony in front of the joint Sub-committee B of the Judiciary. Ms. Martinez testified and then responded to questions of committee members about Arizona's Clean Elections Act.

Helaine Rotkin (Common Cause-WV)corners Senator Jon Hunter and Del. Barbara Fleishauer after the sub-committee meeting. Helaine, a former Kanawha County Delegate, has played an active role in Citizens for Clean Elections for several years. 

Deanna Wrenn (left) interviews Ms. Martinez,
while Senator Jon Hunter enjoys the moment.

Citizens for Clean Elections and the Huntington League of Women Voters sponsor the first "Democracy Rescue" forum in Huntington, WV. Ms. Cecilia Martinez, Executive Director of The Reform Institute spoke about Arizona's Clean Election Act). 

A duo for democracy! Cecilia Martinez and Janet Fout put their
heads together on behalf of the West Virginia Clean Elections Act.


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