Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition

Residents of Sylvester, WV vs. Massey Energy subsidiary Elk Run Coal Co.

February 5, 2003
Photos by Vivian Stockman

Sick of being covered in coal dust for five years by a Massey Energy coal processing facility, despite endless complaints to the company and repeated pleas to the DEP for help, about 150 Massey Energy employees sued the company. Here are photos from the day of closing arguments. Follow the links in the sidebar for news on the trial. 

Dustbuster Pauline Canterberry in the Madison County 
Courthouse. Pauline and many of her dust busting friends 
are members of both OVEC and the Coal River Mountain Watch. 

Dustbuster Mary Miller arrives in the courtroom. She, like most 
other Sylvester residents, is sick of the dust, noise and broken 
promises from the Massey Energy subsidiary. 

Sylvester residents' attorney Brian Glasser tells the jury the townsfolk 
have been terribly mistreated by the Massey subsidiary for long enough. 

The technology exists to cover the dust-producing facility,
attorney Glasser shows the jury. Elk Run's substation that
it is doing all it can doesn't hold even sludge-laden water.

Elk Run's attorneys appear blurred.
A possible correlation to what they do with the truth?


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