Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition

The Mothman Cometh

February 1 , 2003
Photos by Patty Draus

In 1967 the mysterious Mothman was seen flitting about the Point Pleasant area, just before the Silver Bridge across the Ohio River collapsed, killing 46 people.

After the collapse, the Mothman sightings ceased. Some believed the Mothman came to warn about the tragic disaster.

Now, the Moth man has been spotted again, flitting about coalfield bridges that are groaning under the weight of overloaded coal trucks. Is the Mothman trying to send another warning?

An OVEC member and her camera happened to be in the right place at the right time. See the exclusive OVEC photos for yourself, below, and you decide what message Mothman is trying to tell us now. Follow the links in the sidebar for pictures of other bridges the Mothman may have to visit next.



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