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WV Governor's Truck
Task Force
(Called a "Sham" in
Gazette Editorial)

Stand up against weight hike

Vote out supporters of 
industry's exploitation of W.Va.

Industry backs truck bill; Coal, trucking spokesmen predict disaster if bill fails

New York Times: Industry Supports Truck Weight Limit 

Opponents of weight increase gather for press conference

Truck bill tops agenda; Kiss wants quick resolution to issue during session

Concerns raised on weight limits; Lawmakers get first look Sunday at bill proposed by the governor

Weight increase opponents rally; 15,000 signatures delivered Friday

Wise sticking with coal truck stance; Governor plans to introduce his bill on Sunday when Legislature resumes work

Legislators should take care with coal truck issue

Truck bill unjustified by the facts

Lawmakers reconvene in Charleston today

Tomblin says Coal Trucks to Dominate Session

Special session begins with coal truck debate

Overweight Truck Bill Will Skip Committee

Coal truck limits, fines debated 

Citizens Rally Against Weight Increase

Wise adds heavy penalties to truck bill; The price for higher weight limits: violators get put out of business

All-out blitz to raise coal limit begins; Wise aides admit they dont have enough House votes for passage

Coal road guidelines absent from truck bill

House is lobbied firmly for truck bill; Administration seeks to educate, expects close vote

Truck bill hits snag in House: Lawmakers express concerns about provisions in proposal

Governor lobbies to rescue coal bill; Cabell County delegates unlikely to back increase in weight limits 

House puts brakes on coal truck issue; Higher weight bill isnt dead, but we threw some dirt on it

 Kanawha senators weigh in on coal truck bill: Lawmakers see different problems with proposal

Wise still pushing coal truck bill: Leaders say governors bill may not have votes

House defies Wise on trucks;Delegates vote 48-47 to retain limit of 80,000 pounds for coal haulers 

Monster trucks; Bill needs more safeguards

Heavier trucks unlikely to cause rate hikes; Lawmakers told insurance rates already higher in Southern W. Va. due to trucks

Wise truck bill short on road money

Coal truck bill down, not out;; House deals Wise, leadership a blow by voting to keep stiffer penalties, low weight limits

A look at energy policy through a coal hauler  WIndows Media -- WV Public Radio  WV Public Radio

Truck bill goes nowhere: Lawmakers leave without passing Wise proposal

Coal supporters applaud Senate decision (to ignore the will of the people by adjourning rather "than give Caputo's bill a chance of passing")

House Vote On Coal Truck Weight Amendment
July 17,2992 - List of how each delegate voted

A Citizen's Letter to
WV Delgates Jon Amores and Joe Smith


Community Interfaith Prayer Service:
No Coal Truck Weight Increase

July 14, 2002
Photos by Vivian Stockman unless noted

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As the Legislature convened for a special session, over 120 coalfield residents -- including people who have lost relatives to accidents with coal trucks -- retired miners, labor leaders, activists and concerned citizens converged on the state capitol for a prayer vigil on overweight coal trucks.

Reverends Jim Lewis and Jeff Allen led the vigil, while West Virignia Organizing Project's Elaine Purkey led the singing. Many folks stepped up to "testify."

Elaine Purkey, back to camera, readies the crowd to sing "Amazing Grace."

The crowd raises its collective voice.

King Coal and the Grim Reaper think raising the weight limits on coal trucks is a swell idea.  Photo by Gregg Anthony

Even Phyllis knows that raising the weight limits on outlaw coal trucks is a stupid idea.


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