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Testimony Of Joan Mulhern, Senior Legislative Counsel Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund
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Testimony of Michael O. Callaghan, Cabinet secretary of the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection

Testimony of
Mr. Kevin Richardson
President and Founder of the
Just Within Reach Foundation

Statement of Lexi Shultz,
on behalf of the Mineral Policy Center

Press Conference Statement of Retired Miner Lucious Thompson

I am Appalachia.
Mick McCoy's Poem

US Newswire: Robert Kennedy, Jr. Joins Clean Water Protest 

Chicago Tribune: Senators consider mountaintop mining  

Lexington Herald Leader: Clean Water Act changes attacked 

Planet Ark: Democrat seeks to limit US mountaintop coal mining

Charleston Daily Mail: Congress eyes mining rules Lawmakers consider effects of mountaintop removal on streams

Huntington Herald Dispatch: Lieberman criticizes stream fills; Lawmaker claims Corps illegally lets mining companies dump coal debris

New York Times (Associated Press): Bush Admin. Mining Rule Criticized

Cincinnati Enquirer: The Voinovich boycott

Austin American-Statesman: I'm no expert, but I play one on TV: Congress' love affair with celebrities

Sydney Morning Herald: Senator tips bucket on stars with politics in their eyes

BayArea.com: No harmony at Senate hearing with Backstreet Boy

NewsMax: Senator Protests Celeb 'Experts'

LA Timesw: Backstreet Boy Goes Before Senate Panel

The Age: Showbiz Bytes  

Louisville Courier-Journal: Mountaintop-mining foes appeal to senators; Backstreet Boy's appearance causes some controversy 

Lexington Herald Leader: Kentucky group assails changes to Clean Water Act

New York Times (Associated Press): Pop Singer Testifies on Capitol Hill

NPR Morning Edition: Celebrities on Capitol Hill  

Charleston Gazette: Democrats blast Bush mine policy; New mountaintop removal rule violates the Clean Water Act

Tri-City Herald: Backstreet singer testifies to Congress about mountaintop mining

CBS News: Voinovich Doesn't "Want It That Way"

Cincinnati Enquirer: Voinovich to boycott hearing because of witness

Nando Times: Backstreet singer testifies to Congress about mountaintop mining

USA Today: Hollywood's politics-publicity balancing act

Cincinnati Enquirer: Voinovich tunes out pop star; Backstreet Boys singer testifies

CNN: Backstreet Boy testifies on Capitol Hill

CNN: Capitol Hill's galaxy of star witnesses

MTV: Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson Talks Coal Mining With Senators

VH1: Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson Talks Coal Mining With Senators; Pop singer voices concerns about Bush administration's current energy plan

Charleston Daily Mail: Singer pans environmental plan; GOP complains about testimony from performer

Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Backstreet Boys' Kevin Richardson Join Us at Congressional Hearing and Press Conference Calling for an End to Illegal Mountaintop Removal

June 6, 2002
Photos by Vivian Stockman

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(Left to Right) Senators Joseph Lieberman (D-CT), James Jeffords (I-VT), and Thomas Carper (D-DE) listen to the testimony of officials from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 

Kevin Richardson, a Kentucky native and a member of the wildly popular pop group the Backstreet Boys, takes his seat to testify. Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY), in the background, agreed to take a flyover of mountaintop removal sites with Kevin. 

Earthjustice lawyer Joan Mulhern (right foreground) delivers her awesome testimony on behalf of coalfield residents. Sitting next to her is the WVDEP head Mike Callaghan. Unfortunately, but predictably, Callaghan's testimony sounded more like the same old tired arguments a coal company executive would have said than something the state's chief protector of the environment would say. Senator Robert C. Byrd (D-WV) asked that Callaghan testify. Some of Byrd's aides were present at the hearing, as were the aides and interns of Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV). John Richardson, Rockefeller's aide, is pictured in the background (wearing the red tie.) Byrd's aide, Franz Weuerfmannsdobler, is also pictured, last person on the left in the background.

The media mobbed Kevin Richardson after the hearing.

Sylvester, WV resident, and Massey "dust buster," Pauline Canterberry meets Kevin Richardson as OVEC's Larry Gibson (foreground) looks on. (A Massey Energy subsidiary has been coating the town of Sylvester with coal dust for years. Pauline leads her neighbors in trying to get the problem solved.) 

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