WV to Flint: We Are With You

Feb. 12 update: 41 groups signed on!

Wow! Nearly 40 West Virginia groups have signed on to a letter in solidarity with the people of Flint Michigan. Here’s a copy of the letter. Clean water for all!

We know there are more WV groups out there that would have signed on if we’d had time to contact you. We can still add your group to an online version of the letter, if you would like. If so, please send an e-mail to info@ohvec.org with the subject “WV Flint solidarity letter” and the name of your group, as well as the name, e-mail and phone number for a representative from your group.

Friends of Water networked with Flint and Detroit groups about the WV/Flint water solidarity letter. Here’s a couple of the replies. First, from the group Flint Water SCANDAL:

The people of Flint Water SCANDAL and the city of Flint thank you for your statement of support. We have a chance to rebuild the city from the ground up with 21st-century technology; a chance to do right by the world for the damage that was inflicted upon Mother Earth. One of the things we are awed by is the amount of people moved to ruminate on solutions and offer them up. The inspirations derived from our empathy of others knows no bounds, it seems. The true wellspring of our creativity flows in a circuit (like water), feeding on the the mutual connection between observer and participant, from consumer to citizen. Truly we are humbled by the service and altruism expressed in tangible, measurable and demonstrative ways. We will continue to share information on building cohesive and sustainable communities. 

And the Detroit Water Brigade notes:

The city of Detroit residents stand with The people of West Virginia by demanding no privatization to our public water supplies. Water is in the central human right. Public safety, health, and welfare of our communities must be put first as an obligation. Shareholders must realize that they have a responsibility to ratepayers and customers concerning this shared resource. Please listen carefully and don’t believe everything you hear from those trying to sell you a pipe dream filled with broken promises and uncertainty over our water supply. Learn from the people of Flint, who were told for two years that the water was safe when they knew otherwise. We empower the citizens of West Virginia to fight back against privatization and the risk of our public safety for the sake of profit.

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