Huntington: What’s the Oil and Gas Industry Proposing for Our Area? Come Find Out!

We know you value your property rights, clean air and water, so please join OVEC at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, March 15 at the Main Cabell County Library, 455 9th Street (corner of 5th Ave. and 9th St. in Huntington) for an informational meeting on the area’s proposed fracked-gas pipelines, as well as other oil and gas industry threats to our region.

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One major topic of discussion will be the 36-inch diameter Mountaineer Xpress (MXP) pipeline, which is proposed to be built between Marshall and Cabell counties.

FERC is hosting public comment meetings on MXP this month (see below). Portions of the old SM-80 pipeline, which traverses Cabell and Wayne counties, are being renovated or replaced for the purpose of tie-in to the MXP.

There are other large diameter pipelines in our area that will heavily impact the Ohio River and its tributaries, and we will provide a list of these. These include the Leach pipeline which is proposed to cross the Ohio River in between the Burlington, OH area and Camden Park, the iconic Huntington landmark. 

Also, we will discuss the potential development of the Rogersville Shale field, a very deep oil and gas deposit located literally under our feet here in the Tri-State region. 

Plus, you will be able to pick up a copy of our brand new, special edition newspaper, Renew West Virginia. We’ll have more psoted on the paper soon. 

Come find out how the oil and gas industry wants to inundate our local region, as they have other places in the state and country. We’ve also got more about the threats facing our region here.

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  1. Information is good , but in such a poor area any kind of assault against economic development wont be viewed kindly

  2. This rogersville shale field is highly prospective and far from being a sure thing. Why dont you focus on the hopelessly contaminated uranium enrichment plant? Theyre going to start it up again. Yet i dont see a word about it ? Do you all work for the government ? What gives ???

  3. Two points in response to the comments:

    1)There are already Rogersville Shale production and test wells in our Tri-State region.

    2) We believe, as do many other business leaders, that clean air and water are two critical components for economic development; this is one key reason we are trying to raise awareness about threats to those basic resources in our local area.

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